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Story Mode: Justice League Alternates, The Traveler DEO File

R. B. LeMoyne 03/31/2012 Reviews

Subject Name: The Traveler

File number: 162

File Start Date: 12/28/2011


Real Name: Unknown. Aliases include Marach Gilmaeish, Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin, and, most recently, Jon Summer. It is assumed that he has had many other aliases.

Occupation: Vigilante

Marital Status: Unknown

DEO sealRace: Appears Caucasian (possibly non-human)

Gender: Male

Height: Approximately 6’ 4”

Weight: Approximately 200 lbs.

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Black


Physical Description: Tall with athletic build. Clean cut. Rugged features. Appears to be roughly 35 years old. Outfit consists of modified gasmask, armored tactical vest, reinforced tactical uniform, combat boots, gloves, and assorted equipment.


Natural Abilities: While nothing is known about his training, he has demonstrated a high degree of skill in all forms of combat. He also uses stealth and psychological tactics similar to Batman. He is known to be fluent in many languages. He is extremely intelligent, and shows a doctorate level of knowledge on a wide array of subjects such as (but not limited to); tactics, medicine, history, multiple sciences, psychology, law, politics, and paranormal science.


Metahuman Powers: Confirmed ability of rapid regeneration. He claims to be over 6,500 years old, and to have been ‘killed’ multiple times. If this is true, he may be the source of many myths, such as the ancient Egyptian’s resurrection myths, and the multitude of stories of ‘a tall, bearded white man from across the sea’ shared by many of the ancient North and South American people.


Base of Operations: Currently Detroit, but he has been known to operate all over the world. It is unknown why he moves, or if he has a ‘home base’.


The TravelerWeapons/Gear: Uses a variety of fairly common weapons and equipment. His firearms have all been stripped of serial numbers, and re-rifled to prevent any means of tracing them to the original owner. He is always seen wearing a modified gas-mask and armored tactical clothing. He is usually armed with tactical batons, knives, various explosives, and various firearms.


Personality Features: Shows a tendency to ‘hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.’ He takes great pains to conceal his identity, claiming to have been persecuted (often to the point of murder) many times in the past for his, apparent, immortality. He has a strong sense of the greater good, and will break laws if he feels he must. He tends to watch carefully, and then act decisively.


Distinctive Characteristics: Given his tendency to remain masked, it is difficult to attribute distinctive characteristics. One method of positive confirmation of identity, though not advised for obvious reasons, would be to trigger his healing ability.


Goals/Motivations: Uncertain. He appears to be working for the greater good of whichever area he is operating in.


Personal Code of Ethics: Appears to follow a personal code of justice. He works outside the law to put criminals out of business. He seems to try to use non-lethal force for the most part, but evidence indicates he will kill when necessary.


Known Associates: None known prior to the Central Keystone Area incident (report #0011). Current associates include Jonathan Else (file #164), Zue (file #163), Hyper Hamster (file #165), and Jason Suave (file #166).


Parents/Siblings/Relatives: Unknown.

Time for a brief interlude!

In-between adventures from here on out, I’m going to try to spotlight an original character from the game. We already know the established heroes and villains, but not as much is known about the Justice League Alternates outside of the stories I’ve posted here, or their support characters like Ms. Bostrom. With the help of my players, I’d like to change that, starting with today’s spotlight on Chris’ character: The Traveler!

Justice League Alternates(For reference, The Traveler is the brightly colored gentleman second from the left in the group picture.)

I debated on how best to spotlight these characters, toying with several different formats before settling on this, a work-up of the D.E.O. files that Agent Cameron Chase is compiling on the Alternates. It fits perfectly within the context of the story, and gives the best possible overview of each character. Plus, it’s fun to write up these D.E.O. reports!

You’ll note that there’s no character sheet linked to this spotlight, and that’s intentional. As this is an ongoing game that I’m running right now, whatever stats I post here will be outdated in a week or two. Plus, it wouldn’t be fair to the players if I posted their stats here for the others sitting at the gaming table to track. Down that road lies stat comparison and a round of “my character is better than yours at X,” and we have a hard enough time keeping focused on the game some nights as it is. (I blame Jeff.)

Is there a particular character you’d like to see in the spotlight next? Would you like some insight into the character creation process from the players? Leave your answers in the comment section below!

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  1. chris 04/03/2012 at 7:45 am

    awesome! as for insight into my character, i've always been fascinated by the benefits and drawbacks of immortality. i wanted to create a fairly normal person who had aquired vast experience. traveler was a bit darker in the first games, but then a saw the movie 'the man from earth' (HIGHLY recommended), and he became a bit more thoughtful. i added the healing factor in so that we wouldn't have too many 'squishies' on the team, and so that i could even out the ranged to melee balance for our team. i think his greatest power, though, is the wealth of knowledge he has gathered over the centuries. you know what they say, age and experience will beat youth and energy…

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