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Story Mode: Justice League Alternates, Part 14

R. B. LeMoyne 05/12/2012 Reviews

The House. Once, it was an underground casino and the home of Glamor Slam, Roulette’s attempt to mind-control the women of the Justice League to battle each other for the entertainment of Blüdhaven’s criminal element. It was a short-lived enterprise, and while the Justice League had shut it down, the facility that once housed some of the fiercest cage fights in the world remained abandoned and untouched.


Until now.


PrometheusPrometheus stood in the middle of the ring and looked out into the stadium seats. This arena had seen better days, to be sure. The destruction caused by its last momentous fight was never repaired. Whole sections of seating were missing, and debris was scattered everywhere. Even so, it wasn’t much of a stretch to imagine what it was like in its heyday. He could almost hear the crowd cheering on their favorite fighters as superhero faced off against superhero, and feel the excitement of watching the greatest heroes ever battle one another.


Yes, this place was well-suited to his plans.


It took some work getting power back to the facility, but once that was accomplished, it was easy enough to find the recordings of each bout. Roulette had left everything behind when the Justice League shut her down, and the League apparently didn’t think those recordings held much value.


But Prometheus did. Oh, did he value them.


Each battle, every win and loss, every single maneuver was uploaded into his helmet, which in turn processed that information and translated it into programmable maneuvers that he could call upon to enhance his fighting. The fighting styles of the best heroes the Justice League had to offer were his to know, in theory.


It was time to put that theory to the test.


New heroes were emerging in the world, his mysterious benefactor told him. There were new styles to learn and use against those who would fill the missing Justice League’s massive shoes. He wanted that information. Even if his armored benefactor hadn’t made a request of him to fight those new heroes and learn what they knew, he wanted to test himself against the best that this world had to offer.


He wanted to know just how good he really was.


The echo of a multitude of bootsteps trickled into the air, growing louder and louder. He had expected this, of course. You can’t simply walk into an arena of this size, turn on all the power, and not expect someone to take notice. They were going to come for him sooner or later, and sure enough, Blüdhaven’s finest police officers invaded the arena and surrounded him.


Prometheus' helmetIf only they knew.


“Freeze! Hands above your head, weirdo, you’re under arrest!” Prometheus looked around and counted eight police officers armed and ready to fire if he so much as made a threatening move against them. He would never clear the distance between them with enough time to shield himself before they rained bullets down on him. But if he did as they asked, and lured them in…


He cooperated with the police officer, placing his hands on top of his head and waiting for them to make the next move. They didn’t disappoint. Two officers moved in to apprehend him, one of them pulling a pair of handcuffs from his belt.


If only they knew.


He made his move the moment the officer took hold of his wrist. And what efficiency in movement! It took little effort to use the man as a human shield, protecting him from gunfire while he disarmed and disabled the other officer. He could hear the others barking orders, more rushing in to take him down.


Prometheus grinned.


Round One.



It’s the fight of the century! Prometheus vs. the Justice League Alternates!

Actually, comparatively speaking, this fight paled in comparison to their Bizarro battle. I mean, really, once you’ve beaten a Superman-level baddie, where do you go from there?

This fight was a good learning experience for me as a Game Master (GM) though. It taught me that the mismatched team of superheroes was finally learning what their strengths and weaknesses were, and they were working as a team much better to effectively neutralize the threats I threw at them.

Glamor SlamFor this fight, Zue stepped up to take the hits from Prometheus while the others worked out strategy. They figured out that Prometheus’ helmet and suit were the keys to his power, allowing Jonathan Else to turn a van into a vehicular EMP bomb to knock out the villain’s tech. Hyper Hamster burrowed a tunnel from street level down to the arena so Else could drop it down to Zue, who could throw it expertly at Prometheus and take him out of the fight. The Traveler, meanwhile, was in the parking structure above, searching for Prometheus’ explosive backup plan to explode the section of city above them and rain debris down on the arena.

It was a smooth fight, all in all. They defeated Prometheus much faster than I thought they would, with a solid plan executed to perfection. So I threw them a curveball.

Prometheus has a Ghost Key that allows him to teleport himself and others. Most of my players didn’t know that, however. So when he pulls out his Ghost Key and vanishes, just like the Justice League did in what little footage they have of the disappearances, they suddenly had a lead that they didn’t before in finding the missing heroes.

And the plot moves forward.

Tune in next week for a new character spotlight, and then the week after that for a major development in the overarching plot line of my DC Adventures chronicle! See you in 7!

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