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Story Mode: Justice League Alternates, Part 12

R. B. LeMoyne 04/21/2012 DO NOT USE

Mission Log

Date: Mar. 27, 2012

Report Number: 0044

Filed By: Agent Cameron Chase



Mission Location: Metropolis

Mission Target(s): Bizarro and Galatea



Mission Details: Prior to the formation of the D.E.O., the United States government financed a clandestine project to develop countermeasures against the world’s superheroes if they should ever go rogue. This merged other similar federal projects such as Project Achilles under one umbrella and took on the name Project Cadmus after the Greek hero who “grew” warriors from a dragon’s teeth. While Cadmus was dissolved after uncovering its more sinister agenda, its legacy lives on, such as the cloned Kryptonian known as Galatea (see metahuman file #143).


Galatea and Emil HamiltonImproving on the LexCorp cloning method that gave the world Bizarro (see metahuman file #08), Emil Hamilton created a fully grown clone of Supergirl named Galatea that was to be the general of an army of cloned metahumans in the event of the Justice League’s fall into villainy. While the official report of her fate declared her a casualty of the battle aboard the League’s orbital headquarters, she recently reappeared in Metropolis in full health and sporting a modified costume mocking the colors of Superman’s outfit. Given her origins, it’s no surprise that she was sighted shortly after Bizarro’s return to Metropolis. What is surprising is how she engaged with her cloned cousin.


Initially, it was thought that the two had joined forces to destroy Metropolis as a mockery of the Super-family that has protected Metropolis for so many years. However, a witness of their initial meeting is on record declaring that Galatea rescued her and others from Bizarro’s destructive rampage, and that she confronted him and gave chase when the backward Kryptonian fled the scene. This is completely at odds with what we know of Galatea, but lines up with what was observed of their interactions when their chase finally came to an end.


Galatea and Bizarro traded blows the likes of which I’ve never seen outside of Superman’s confrontations with the agents of Darkseid, causing the usual levels of collateral damage within the city. Unfortunately, Project Greenlight’s synthesized kryptonite is still in the developmental stages and is not ready to be tested in the field. Nor is Project Suntan, developed from the successful creation of red sun Bizarroradiation technology by Luminus (see metahuman file #11), ready to be implemented. However, Jonathan Else (see metahuman file #164) has proven to be a capable inventor and engineer. If anyone could fast track its development and properly test its efficiency in a combat situation, it’s Else.


I passed a copy of the Project Suntan plans to Jonathan Else shortly after he had arrived at the scene of the fight from a LexCorp helicopter. Ever the idea man, he had paid a visit to LexCorp’s new CEO, Mercy Graves, and obtained from her the kryptonite ring that Lex Luthor had worn until it gave him cancer. The ring weakened Bizarro enough for Zue (see metahuman file #163) to subdue him, at which point he was teleported into a holding cell developed with the Project Suntan plans. Galatea, also weakened but curiously not as much as Bizarro given her proximity to the ring, took off shortly after the battle had ended rather than submit herself to further scrutiny over her actions or intentions.


At present, Bizarro is incarcerated in a weakened state, constantly bombarded by red sun radiation. Galatea, or Power Girl as she has been dubbed by the media in the wake of her reappearance to the world, has been sighted helping those in need around Metropolis and surrounding areas. She has thus far eluded D.E.O. efforts to speak with her.

Another mission ends as a win for the Alternates!

It should be noted that, at the time of this game session, I didn’t have stats for either Bizarro or Power Girl. The only thing I had was Superman’s stats to use in their place, which is why the two traded blows back and forth without one ever really getting the upper hand over the other. This worked out well for story purposes, as the only way PG could defeat Bizarro is with the help of the Alternates. They tipped the scales in favor of Bizarro’s defeat, which is the way it should be. The players should save the day, not the non-player characters (NPCs). If it ever has to be the other way around, something is very wrong with the way the game is being run.

As far as creating stats for characters that aren’t represented in any of the game’s source material, you can go one of two ways. You can do what I did and find a character with comparable powers to use in the absence of official stats, or you can do it the hard way by DCA: Heroes & Villains covergenerating customized stats yourself. Given that I have a day job in addition to my Comic Booked duties, I took the easy road to cut down on prep time, but I’ve generated my own stats for NPCs in the past for other games.

Ironically, the week after I needed them, I finally got stats for Power Girl as a sample PDF download from Green Ronin Publishing’s DC Adventures page. Isn’t that the way it always goes?

If you’re looking to run your own DC Adventures campaign, Green Ronin has made it easy to throw all sorts of heroes and villains into your game by publishing two volumes of ready-made DC Comics characters. You can order DC Adventures: Heroes & Villains, Volume One and Volume Two in printed format or PDF copies directly from the publisher’s shop, or solely as a PDF from DriveThruRPG. Since acquiring both of these volumes, my options of villains to throw at my group has grown remarkably. I even have stats for the mastermind behind the Justice League’s disappearance!

Next week, another Justice League Alternates character spotlight! Find out what the D.E.O. has dug up on Zue in seven days!

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