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Story Mode: Justice League Alternates, Part Nine

R. B. LeMoyne 03/24/2012 DO NOT USE

Mission Log

Date: Feb. 28, 2012

Report Number: 0033

Filed By: Agent Cameron Chase


Mission Location: Star City

Mission Target(s): Desaad and Intergang


Mission Details: In what appears to be an attempt to expand Intergang in the absence of the Justice League, the New God known only as Desaad (see metahuman file #12) started supplying gangster Tony Runco and his associates with Apokolips weaponry, much like they had in years past with Bruno Mannheim in Metropolis (see Metropolis file #212).Apokolips Weaponry The most immediate effect of this involvement was the escalation of hostilities between Runco’s crew and the rival gangs in the Triangle. However, a quick projection of scenarios leading out of the gang war indicated a Gotham City-esque descent into criminal supremacy for Star City. While gang activity itself is outside of our organization’s jurisdiction, the D.E.O. agent manual clearly states that we are “charged with the monitoring and enforcing of matters directly or indirectly relating to the presence of individuals of extraordinary abilities,” and as Intergang has proven itself to be a tool of the New God known as Darkseid (see metahuman file #13) in the past, this situation is clearly within our purview.


Our initial investigation into the Star City gang war yielded only that Apokolips technology was in use by one of the involved gangs, but it wasn’t until the metahuman team calling themselves the Justice League arrived in the city that we got our first real lead on where the bulk of the technology was coming from. This lead, in turn, was given to them by Brick, a leader of one of the other gangs lured out by the Justice League Brickto curb the criminal activity.


Despite their initial heroic introduction to the world in the Central Keystone mission (see report #0011), their necessity and trustworthiness remained questionable at best. They refused to give up their claim of fighting for truth and justice under the Justice League banner, but agreed to prove their legitimacy as members of the Justice League by teleporting me to their base of operations. While they required me to shut off all of my electronic devices after teleportation, my team was able to track my position by satellite in the short period of time that my cell phone was still active. They confirmed that I was teleported with the metahumans into the building called the Metro Tower, known by many as the terrestrial base of operations for the Justice League. While this is not in itself proof of their legitimacy, the Justice League further allowed me into their confidence by revealing to me their secret identities, which will be added to the files our surveillance team has been compiling on them. In addition, the League supplied to me the name Tony Runco as the leader of the gang we were targeting. In return, I shared what we knew of the weaponry being utilized in the gang war.


In a joint operation between the D.E.O. and the Justice League, they narrowed down the likely hideout for Runco to a handful of buildings located within the Triangle. I deployed multiple teams of Knightwatch troopers with an agent on each team to cover a possible hideout. Coordinated with the Justice League, a simultaneous raid was enacted, striking at each location at the same time to avoid one warning the others of our actions. A number of Runco’s associates were apprehended, along with whatever Apokolips weaponry they were storing in the building or carrying on themselves. It was shortly after my team neutralized all threats in the structure we’d targeted that we got the call that a boom tube had been activated in the building the Justice League had targeted. Unfortunately, by the time we’d arrived, the fight had ceased, due to the heroic actions of the Justice League.


DesaadThe following was relayed to us by the League and, as they were unobserved by any member of the D.E.O., cannot be confirmed as a factual account: Desaad was indeed found within the building, confirming that a New God is behind Intergang’s recent resurgence. He escaped through the boom tube, covered by Runco’s associates wielding high-powered Apokolips weaponry. In the attack, The Traveler was hit by one of the energy weapons, frying him in the resulting blast but protecting his teammate Jonathan Else. (His metahuman talent mended the worst of the damage before I arrived.)


The Justice League then confiscated the Apokolips weapons in the building and handed Tony Runco over to our care.


Tony Runco has since been imprisoned on numerous counts of murder, racketeering, obstruction of justice, illegal gambling, extortion, and tax evasion. Those members of his gang that we could apprehend were similarly charged as co-conspirators. The other two gangs who were trying to thwart Runco have since withdrawn back into the Triangle to continue their rivalries. The Apokolips weaponry we apprehended has since been turned over to the D.E.O.’s R&D department, otherwise known as the National Metahuman Research Foundation. As for the Justice League, I am officially declaring these new superheroes allies of the United States government and will do everything I can to bring them within the umbrella of the Department of Extranormal Operations.

The gang war mission in Star City is over!

This mission was a major turning point for me in terms of running DC Adventures for my group. Typically when starting a new game for my group, I’ll tell them what kind of game I want to run so they can create characters that fit within that setting or theme. Sometimes my players have a history for their character all worked out from the start, sometimes they wing it and build a backstory as they go. A few game sessions in, however, and people usually have a good enough grasp of what they want to play and how they want to play it that I can start tailoring the game more to the characters than having to fit the characters into “plug and play” plots.

For example, by the end of this mission, I had a much better idea of what my players wanted out of the game, and a greater understanding of what their characters were capable of. That sort of information is invaluable to anyone running a game for their friends as it allows you to better tailor the adventures from here on out so there’s a little something for everyone. The action characters will have things they can punch, and the brainy characters will have challenges they’ll need to think through. They’ve got a better idea of what their characters long-term goals are, and can even tell me what their fears are (handy info when you’ve got Sinestro and Scarecrow running around). All of this will make coming up with future missions tailored to my group that much easier.

The Justice League Alternates

Next week: Vandal Savage! Bizarro! And… Power Girl? Join us next week as the adventures of the Justice League Alternates continue! And don’t forget to drop in on the Comic Booked Forums to ask about game details!

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