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Story Mode: Justice League Alternates, Part 11

R. B. LeMoyne 04/14/2012 ZDONOTUSE

“There, now we’re ready to hit the town.”


Galatea looked herself over in the mirror with a smile. She knew full well that Metropolis needed to see familiar colors in the sky, something that reminded them of their missing hero. While she was no Superman, she decided that she would take on his colors to carry on his legacy for the city he cared so much about. Gone were her usual white boots and gloves, replaced with blue hand- and footwear that matched the Man of Steel’s customary colors. She retained her customary white bodysuit – there was no way she was going to go out in Supergirl’s cutesy bare midriff – but there was one accessory that she knew she couldn’t do without. Tea adjusted the red cape, pleased with the outcome.


GalateaThe notion of wearing the familiar “S” shield crossed her mind as she stared into the mirror, but was vetoed just as fast. She would watch over Metropolis for him, but she could never replace him. No, there would be no “S” shield for her. Not yet. Maybe not ever.


An explosion somewhere in Metropolis pulled her from her thoughts, and a quick peek with her x-ray vision revealed a massive accident with a LexCorp tanker truck. “Not a moment too soon. Guess it’s time I made my introduction.”


It didn’t take Galatea long at all to arrive on the scene, and even less time to put out the fires. While pulling an injured motorist from her vehicle, however, the woman pointed up over Tea’s shoulder with wide, fearful eyes. “U-up… in the sky…”


Galatea turned her head to look, then quickly pulled the woman from the car, shielding her just as a caped figure landed square in the middle of the car’s hood, destroying it in spectacular fashion. Her frown grew more pronounced as the figure tore out of the wreckage and announced, “Never fear! Bizarro am here!”


“Great. First day on the job, and I get the anti-Superman.”


Bizarro pounded his chest proudly. “Me am new Superman! Me here to protect Metropolis!”


“Yeah, and you’re doing a smashing job of it,” she quipped, gesturing to the destroyed vehicle he left behind.


“You not Supergirl! Must be villain trying to stop Superman!” Lunging toward her, he shouted, “Me no let you!”


BizarroShe was thrown back and into another car from the force of the punch, caving the vehicle in on impact. “Damn… Felt that,” she muttered to herself, then swiftly launched into the air as Bizarro fried the car with his heat vision, detonating the automobile and creating another fire among the scattering crowd. “Gotta take this somewhere else.”


As if on cue, Bizarro took to the skies, leaving Galatea behind. Growling a quick, “Oh, no you don’t!” she took to the skies, chasing after him, hoping she could catch up to the botched Superman clone before he could cause even more trouble. Bizarro, however, caught on to her chase. In an attempt to lose her, he took a sudden turn and plowed straight into and through a skyscraper.


It was a vicious cat and mouse chase that took them through (sometimes literally) the skyscrapers of Metropolis, but Galatea’s big break came when Bizarro stopped to shatter a tree in Metropolis Park to help a cat out of its branches.


The impact of her full-force flight into Bizarro’s chest created a massive crater, raining dirt and debris over the area. Pressing her advantage, Tea rained blow after blow on the brute, each punch sounding like thunder rolling through the park and clearing the panicked bystanders out of the area.


“Stop!” Bizarro shouted, backhanding Galatea hard enough to send her flying into the nearby street. He followed it up with a mid-air lunge the shattered the pavement and created another massive hole in the city. Tea barely had time to roll with the punch, diminishing some of the impact but still stinging from the sheer power of his attack.


Movement in the corner of her eye caught her attention, and she saw two heroes that the media were dubbing the Justice League Alternates at the top of the crater, peering in. She couldn’t blame them for hesitating to jump in, but if Bizarro kept up his powerhouse assault, there’s no way she’d be able to take him out of the action.


“Don’t just stand there,” she shouted up at them, “DO SOMETHING!”

Okay, you’re probably wondering at this point, “Why is he turning Galatea into Power Girl? For that matter, didn’t she die in the source material he’s using as the inspiration for his game?”

To answer the first question, I’m a huge fan of legacy characters. HUGE fan. When a hero retires, passes away, or is otherwise removed from continuity, I’m always intrigued when a new character rises up to take on their mantle. Part of The Robin Legacyit, I’m sure, is inspired by Kyle Rayner. I never read Green Lantern until Hal Jordan went crazy and the inheritor of the power ring legacy was an ordinary but highly creative guy who I could easily relate to. He would go on to give new life to the Guardians and Oa, and would rebuild the Green Lantern Corps. Not bad for a freelance artist from Los Angeles.

Other heroes would do similar things for other legacies. The Flash, Blue Beetle, Robin, Batgirl… Comics are full of people stepping up to fill in the void left by a missing hero. Even Nightwing stepped into Batman’s boots for a time.

So, to have Galatea step up and become Power Girl in a world where the majority of superheroes have vanished made sense to me. After all, in this continuity, she’s a clone of Supergirl who was starting to show signs of being more than just a government weapon through a strange link to the real Supergirl. There will be other heroes emerging in the course of the game who are inspired by the greats to carry on in their name, familiar names to anyone who reads comic books. Power Girl is just the beginning!

As for that second question, well, that’s a major plot point that the players are only now starting to reveal. Once they come to the realization in-game, I’ll spill the beans here so you can all share in the revelation.

Next week, Agent Chase’s formal report on the resolution of the Metropolis mission! And the week after that, another character profile interlude featuring the mysterious alien known as Zue! Be here in 7 days, and don’t forget to direct your questions about this series and the DC Adventures game it features over at the Comic Booked forums!

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