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Steve Niles Rings in His Birthday With F3AR! And Cupcakes…

Nicole Sixx 07/19/2011 Reviews

There are few things as inviting as the call of warm food, warm atmosphere, and warm friends. If the food, atmosphere, and friends in question also happen to include cupcakes, FEAR 3, and a brilliant Birthday-Boy Steve Niles, then you know it’s really a party.

FEAR 3 hit stores nationwide at midnight, June 21st 2011 with many faithful fans to ring it in at the Burbank Game Stop. Cousin Matt and I arrived early as always, to greet wonderful friends and their fans and staff.



Like always there was delicious food…


Including a special fetus cake from “Alma” just for the Birthday boy himself.


There were also fabulous decorations, some even handcrafted in duct tape.



And of course, Steve Niles.


You can find out more about Steve Niles contribution to FEAR 3 and my love of cupcakes in the interview here by our new wonderful friends at Padinga.


As for the game, well my dear Cousin Matt had his chance to play it all night and here’s what he had to say about it.



Funny, when I first heard about Steve Nile’s party, I had thought that it was going to be just the release party for FEAR 3.  When I finally heard, I was a little surprised really, but amused that both would be on the same day.  I figured that I would get to meet Steve Niles and tryout the game.

Now, I will admit that the FEAR series is something that I did enjoy, mostly from a perspective point of view than actually playing it.  Mostly because I jump easier than a cat under a rocker when games have things just jump out at you.  So yeah, I figured I’d hold off until I found myself a game that might prepare me to handle the jumping.  

Still, this was Steve Niles, a guy who’s work I’ve enjoyed quite a few times.  So finding out that he had his hand in the creation of FEAR 3, I figured ‘what the heck, might as well’.

So there I was, meeting Steve Niles for like a few moments, made a joke or two to him, then proceeded to do what I normally do under these circumstances…mumble a bit and stand around, wondering what I should be doing.  

I figured I’d wait until FEAR 3 starts, and let a few people play the game…but then nobody wanted to start and it ended up being me and one fellow to whom I sadly never got the chance to register his name.  I found out a few things about myself during this game.

One, I’m still the unorthodox player, running like an idiot headlong into danger, then proceeded to slide my way back after I got shot down by a few soldiers.

Two, Co-op is awesome to have, especially since the other player is really good with his character.  You see, I played as Point Man, the main character of F.E.A.R. and one of the two main characters of F.E.A.R. 3.  Point Man is very much like a regular shooter, able to strike down the enemies with as many weapons as you can use, with the ability to slow down time…which my only issue with that is with Point Man’s supposed incredible speed, would time slow down for everyone but him?  But I digress, I was having fun as Point Man

My partner was Paxton Fettel, the villain of the first game and the second of the main characters in F.E.A.R. 3.  He is a spirit, thus able to steal bodies, levitate them and even make them explode!  There were countless times when my partner levitated the enemy, and I shot him down.

All through the night the same guy and I continued to play, trying multiple times to hand it off to a number of people who weren’t interested.  Sometimes somebody managed to start and play, though they once more handed it off to me and the other guy.  Soon enough we were on level…if not at the end of Level 4, then the beginning of Level 5, where we were battling soldiers in a local neighborhood.  By that time I could figure out what my partner wanted me to go, or  be able to figure out what he was going to do (such as him levitating people into the air and me shooting them down, thus earning co-op points)  It was at that point when we both looked back and noticed ‘everyone’ staring at the screen, a full crowd.  Once more, they weren’t interested in playing, but honestly it was running near midnight by that point.  So we both quit when we both got killed by a single grenade.  By then the room started to empty, with only a few people left.  

So, after nearly four and a half campaign levels, I will tell you that I will buy the game, and it is worth the buy.  It has enough to where something silly can indeed happen, where other times it you will be on the edge of your seat.  Heck, I just loved the fact that in Co-op play, instead of ‘dying’ right away, you go down, and have a meter that will go down slowly much like Gears of War.  My favorite part was that when my partner was asking me to go to him, I had a pistol I could use, and gunned down the two guys that were keeping him from coming over.  I may be more interested in the Co-op part of the game, but I’ll have to try it a few times on Single mode to see how my feelings are on that part.  Still, great game!  Great party!  It was all fun!


So there you have it, we are loving FEAR 3 around here and you all know how darn picky I am about my video games!! Almost as picky as I am about my creators and friends.

Luckily, great creators like Steve Niles make it easy to not only be their friend, but buy their games as well. – N


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