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Stellar “Womantholgy” News From WonderCon

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Womanthology is one of the most inspiring projects that I have seen come to fruition in my time as a comic book journalist. Conceived by artist Renae de Liz, Womanthology was started as a hopeful and long overdue Kickstarter project to spotlight the many amazing women who create comics. The response to the Kickstarter campaign was extremely positive, and Womantholgy easily surpassed its goal, raising $109,301! This week the beautiful Womanthology: Heroic volume (reviewed right here on hit store shelves. The anthology’s contributors included many talented creators, including: Camilla d’Errico, Gail Simone, Bonny Burton, Jessica Hickman, Nei Ruffino, Jill Pantozzi, Fiona Staples, Samantha J. Mathis, Caytlin Vilbrandt, Nicole Sixx [who, full disclosure, is a contributor here at] and so many other amazing artists and writers.

Here is the video from the Womanthology Kickstarter campaign that outlines the goals of the original project:

Today at WonderCon, IDW Publishing officially announced some stellar news: there is even more Womantholgy goodness on the way this September, by way of an ongoing Womantholgy comic series! The first five-issue miniseries will be a space themed and titled Womanthology: Space. This new series will be created entirely by women, and will feature over paid 140 contributors. Each subsequent new miniseries will feature a different theme.

Womanthology Space

Womantholgy Editor, Mariah Huehner, shared the following sentiments about the exciting new developments in an IDW Publishing press release:

 We’re extremely excited about the ongoing and continuing to showcase the talented and inspiring work by women in the industry at all levels. Whether they’re just starting out or seasoned veterans, these creators all have something to say with their stories and being able to offer them this opportunity just shows that a little idea can make a huge difference. Heroic was such an incredible experience and Renae is, without exaggerating, an incredible person and artist who deserves a huge round of applause for making a real difference. We knew Heroic wasn’t the end, so join us in Space!

Womantholgy has clearly found and addressed a seemingly neglected segment of the comic book market, and I for one am ecstatic that there will be an ongoing venue to spotlight the many talented women who create such amazing work. I also applaud IDW Publishing for stepping up and supporting this effort. Womantholgy: Space is a project that is shooting for the stars, and definitely one to keep an eye on!


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