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Star Wars Title and Spin-offs

Derreck Mayer 05/07/2014 Movies and TV

Disney recently announced not one… not two… but three Star Wars spin-offs being in the works. While we didn’t get any details on what these films might entail, we now know just how serious Disney is when it comes to pushing the saga. There have been several rumors about these possible films.

The most popular rumors include a Yoda origin film or even a Boba Fett origin film. Being that one character is CGI and the other wears a helmet, these would be easy choices since we don’t have any real casting concerns.

I, for one, am a bit concerned by this announcements. Let’s look at the simple facts. Disney just got a hold of Lucas Films and just announced that the Extended Universe is no longer considered canon. On top of that, we won’t see Star Wars Episode VII until the end (December) of 2015… that’s basically a year and a half from now. Sure, the saga has a truly massive fan following but we’ve been hurt before. Disney’s plans to essentially release one new Star Wars universe film per year starting with Episode VII sounds exciting on paper but until we get another primary story film that rocks as much as the originals… I will remain hesitant.

Don’t forget that Disney is also launching their first television series in the Star Wars universe, Star Wars Rebels. Check the link to see more about the new fall series, including the trailer.

Meanwhile, another rumor has broken onto the interwebs. We have a possible title for Star Wars Episode VIIThe Ancient Fear. That certainly doesn’t sound like a very happy title but it does follow the naming pattern we saw in the original trilogy and even included Episode III. In order we have Revenge of the Sith (so, go bad guys), A New Hope (that sounds happy), The Empire Strikes Back (ok, so bad guys again), and finally, Return of the Jedi (sweet, Jedi!). So, it’s about time we got another film named in honor of the Dark Side.

Of course, this is completely a rumor and could mean literally nothing. This could be made up by some random writer or Disney could be throwing us a fake or temporary title while we wait for J.J. Abrams to figure out what he wants to tell us and when. If you remember Star Trek Into Darkness, Abrams likes to keep his secrets… even when we’ve already guessed the right answer.

You’ve heard my thoughts on possible Star Wars spin-0ffs and the rumored Episode VII title, The Ancient Fear. What do you think of Disney’s rumored plans?

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