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Star Wars Adds A New Director For Spin Off Film

Bill Ivie 06/04/2014 Movies and TV

Star Wars has been consistently in the news lately for various items surrounding their various projects.  The latest news comes from the projects that are not attached to the new trilogy being directed by J.J. Abrams.  This news centers around one of the spin-off movies on the way.

The spin-offs are shrouded in mystery to this point, but sources have shared with Entertainment Weekly that they will focus on Boba Fett and a young Han Solo, respectively.  One of the films is set to debut in December of 2016 and the other will not arrive in theaters until 2017.  The first of those films will be directed by Gareth Edwards.

The second film has gained a director now, as well.  Josh Trank will take the leadership of the film

Trank is best known for the 2012 film Chronicle.  That may be his biggest film to date but he is entering a very busy time with this announcement.  Trank is set to direct The Fantastic Four reboot, which is due out in 2015 as well as the sequel to that film, due out in 2017.  The director will be busy, indeed.

In other Star Wars news, J.J. Abrams seems to be having a little fun with his fans via social media.  Abrams, or a representative from the production company Bad Robot, sent out the following tweet in response to leaked photos from the set:

For the observant fan, the note appears to be laying on a very famous piece from the Star Wars set.  That would be the holochess board, made famous by a scene in A New Hope on the very ship he is denying exists on the current set, the Millennium Falcon.  I guess Abrams is having some fun with the leaked photos himself.

News and tidbits seem to be coming out regarding the Star Wars universe almost daily.  What are your thoughts on all the Star Wars news of late?  Is it getting you excited for the new films?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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