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Star Wars Countdown Part 2

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Midnight has passed and I am at work. Pen and paper in hand. My phone clicking down letting me know I have seven hours till my shift ends and another two after that till the nine o’clock hour when all will be revealed.

Finally at six o’clock in the morning the rain that threatened all night drops and I am not so upset that I won’t be going into Center City to get my new comic books but rather I will be watching the countdown hit zero.

At the eight o’clock hour I check my phone to watch the countdown hit the hour mark as I watch another episode of Smallville. A small hope escapes and I wonder if the news that will be revealed in less than an hour will be new news or rehashed news.

My thoughts race, some coherent, some a thread of memory back to when I was five and my father took me to see Star Wars week after week. Not because he was a fan but because he knew I would watch the movie while my sister watched me and he took a nap.

Will the characters we grew up with be revealed to us in a new light? Will there actually be nine parts? Will the long rumored live action TV series be a reality? Will the Blue-Ray discs be out before September? Will the second trilogy be released all at once in I-Max 3D?


Less than forty five minutes to go. Facebook status’s abound proclaim their love for “4th of may is starwars day. ‘May the 4th be with you’ :)”. I decide to click on the “like” link that 457 people have done before me. I scroll down the status and see what Jennifer, Tim, and Jade have to say….only to name a few….and they are few because only eight people have mentioned anything. This page I noticed has only been a Facebook page since about the 29th of March, I derive at this conclusion because that is when the first person placed a post. I decided to be number 9.

I click back to the countdown…. 33 minutes. 29 Minutes. 22 Minutes. 14 minutes. 9 minutes. 6 minutes. 4 minutes. 2 minutes. Seconds…….


I felt like I was waiting for an E-bay item in the final seconds. The news was finally here and it was…….


The webpage at is currently unavailable. It may be overloaded or down for maintenance.


I waited and waited…as did many others, but for what? Am I upset, no not at all, am I still curious?Of course! As I jump through the web looking for info, myself and a countless amount of others, I find the information on Facebook. I skimmed through reaction after reaction. Nothing really so surprising as it is humorous. Ten minutes later and I am finally directed to…. and I am waiting some more. Gossip is running rampant on Facebook and I would rather continue to see what people speculate rather than find out myself. What has Lucas wrought other than the ability to crash a site? I jump back to Facebook and see jokesters, pranksters, hopefuls and those that are realists. As for me I am still waiting…… the countdown still continues… until Lucas gets its website up and running I will be left in the dark as much as all of you. But I still think it is the Blue Ray discs…..but I am hoping for a part VII


Thanks for reading


PS…..After thirty minutes I was finally able to access Fox Movies…entered Home entertainment….and now I can pre-order my movies at a discounted price. If you feel like spending your money now just follow this down into the Sarlaac pit.

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  1. Andy Kirby 05/04/2011 at 5:59 am

    I'm wondering as well. Is it JUST the Blu-Rays? Or is it a remastering of the movies for a 3D release…come on! what's the deal?!?

  2. The Crimson Blur 05/04/2011 at 7:57 am

    Mr. Lucas has perfected the science of the lightsaber! That's the big reveal :)

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