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Stan Lee signs for Paradise Comics

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Stan Lee Signs for Paradise Comics

Last year I had to decide on a book to send to CGC for Stan Lee’s signature. My list started with an unexaggerated 236 books and after deep thought (and financial reality) I narrowed it down to 5. My original decision was to send in one book and I still have no idea how four of five were sent. My thought process was along the lines of how many chances would I get to have a comic book signed by Stan Lee. Paradise Comics in Toronto has given me another chance.

The signing will take place in San Diego and witnessed by a CGC employee, then taken back to their offices in Sarasota Florida for the grading process. You can reach Paradise comics directly as to arrange to have your comics sent directly to

Paradise Comics
3278 Yonge St.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
M4N 2L6

The prices are as follows:
Modern post 1980 – $110.00 maximum value $200
Economy pre 1980 – $125.00 maximum value $300
Standard pre 1980 – $155.00 maximum value $1000
Express pre 1980 – $190.00 maximum value $3000
Walkthru pre 1980 – CGC fee of 2.5% of fair market value + $120.


 + CGC shipping costs for their return.


Paradise Comics will also be donating a portion of the cost to the Hero Initiative. Checks can be made out to Peter Dixon and all credit card payments will be converted to the equivalent Canadian funds (based on the exchange rate of the day submitted). All books should be bagged and boarded with your full name, comic book title, and issue # adhered to the bag.

This is an opportunity for you to have one of your favorite Marvel books signed by Stan Lee. I just have to decide what I can afford to end in, and then after that decision do I choose from the remaining 232 from my original walk through of my collection, do I send that last book for my choice of five I never sent in last time, or do I just get a new book altogether, X-men #10 maybe.

Thanks for Reading.

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