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Spidey and the Grim Hunt

Comic Booked Guest Writer 07/15/2010 Reviews
Amazing Spider-Man 637

The Grim Hunt part 4

So the last several months (8 or so if I am not mistaken), we have seen a rebirth of many of Spidey’s old villains.  We start with Spidey 600 and Dr. Octopus battered version after years of abuse to his body and in particular his head.  Other notable characters have included the Black Cat and Mary Jane.  Yes, I said MJ because has she not been a love interest and a thorn in the side for Peter Parker.  Just my point of view.  But the pain with the villains really starts in Amazing Spider-Man 612, when Deadpool distracts Spidey while the Kraven’s kidnap other spiders.

We see Electro a pawn being manipulated by the Kraven’s, a new spin on Sandman has new personalities develop with their own agendas, the Rhino whose goal in the Kraven plot is continue wearing down Spidey physically, Mysterio who effectively screws with Parker’s head, Mr. Negative who really has nothing to do with the Kraven’s plot, Morbius, the new Vulture, Rhino both new and old, and the new female Scorpion.

We then have a random Power Cosmic story with the Juggernaut thrown in for good measure before we get back to it with Shed.

Shed was the first super-villain re-launch that really grabbed my attention.  It is one of the darkest places I have ever seen them go with the Spider-Man franchise.  Marvel shows comic book fans how they continue to evolve their characters in order to produce the best stories.  Shed parts 1-4 running in Amazing Spider-Man 630-633 are not to be missed.  For shame if you did because you are probably going to have to pick up the trade paperback.

So all in all, Amazing Spider-Man issues 600-629 are mediocre at best.  With the villain re-launches and the lack luster stories involving Peter’s personal life and love life, the best part of Amazing Spider-Man books since #600 has to be the build up to Shed and the eventual build up to the Grim Hunt.

With Amazing Spider-Man 636 and 637 to go, we have already seen two spiders killed.  The second spider appears to be Spider-Man but what fun would that be if Marvel actually killed off everyone’s favorite neighborhood Spider-Man.  Only time will tell if this story will really live up to the hype and be the great story to finish the mediocre “Gauntlet” run with the great “Shed” story thrown in at the end?!?

Iron Droid out.  Keep an eye for my up coming post from Marvel Senior Art Director – Jeff Suter.

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  1. Comic Booked 07/15/2010 at 6:13 pm

    I'm really trying to get in to spidey, but am having sa really hard time. I buy 40+ books a month, and can't seem to fit in something with spider-anything in it. I wanted to get into Grim, but still haven't. What should I be reading if I want a stellar Spider-Man story?

  2. Iron Droid 07/16/2010 at 4:34 pm

    If you really want a good Spider-Man story, I highly recommend Amazing Spider-Man right now starting with Amazing 630! Seriously, "Shed" is one of the best stories I have read in a while. A little dark but still really good and the follow-on story arc "The Grim Hunt" isn't bad either.

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