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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray

Derreck Mayer 05/01/2014 Movies and TV

With The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hitting theaters this weekend in North America, there is already a lot of buzz around the film. Some say it’s spectacular, only building on what they accomplished in the first film. Meanwhile, others claim that it doesn’t do a whole lot on its own and suffers from the same villain problems as Sam Rami’s Spiderman 3, too many of them.

Whether you’re excited for the next installment of our friendly neighborhood web-slinger or just looking for movie news, look no further. It turns out that even though The Amazing Spider-Man 2 isn’t officially in theaters yet, you can already pre-order the collector’s edition blu-ray which comes in a… unique case. What kind of case? Oh, just the bust of Jamie Foxx as Electro.

Amazing Spider-Man 2 Jamie Foxx Electro Bust

Amazing Spider-Man 2 Jamie Foxx Electro Bust

I’m a big fan of unique movie sets. I’ve got the Tron Collector’s Edition which came in a light-up identity disc. I also picked up the Star Trek Into Darkness Collector’s Edition with the Qmx phaser pistol. Plus, I got the Blade Runner Collector’s Edition that came with the police car. And I’ve got the Marvel’s Avengers Phase 1 Collector’s Edition with the metal briefcase on my wishlist. I’m a sucker for this kind of thing but I have to say… this one is just plain weird. First, the movie isn’t even out yet. Do we know if it’s any good? Do we know if Electro is any good? Not to say anything bad about Jamie Foxx. He’s an incredible actor but we’ve been disappointed by superhero flicks before… especially the villains. But hey, maybe some people out there want to gaze deep into the eyes of a blue Jamie Foxx, I don’t know.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Collector’s Edition is currently available for pre-order for $99.99 (retail is $149.99 USD). It includes three discs, one of which is the 3D version of the film. The other two discs are the blu-ray 2D feature and the DVD feature. If you’re interested… get it here:

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Collector’s Edition Pre-Order

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