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Spider-Man’s Broadway Look

Ortegatron 11/15/2010 Reviews

Cletus Cassidy probably never imagined he would grace the pages of Vogue magazine, but the new released images for the  Broadway musical “Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark” show him in all his blood red Carnage glory. The fashion magazine has posted images from the upcoming musical scheduled for a January 11th premiere. Speculation on if that or any release date could be kept were sparked by financial problems along with reported safety concerns, as some of the Spider-Man stunts landed the web head dangerously close the audience in the first row.

The Carnage costume actually looks kind of theme park-ish and it’s tough to believe from this shot that the Broadway Carnage will bring the psycho killer symbiote fun we have come to expect. The Green Goblin(Patrick Page) appears lime green with lots of spikes and a mohawk. Too reptilian my opinion. The Spidey(Reeve Carney) costume on the other hand looks nicely done. The details like the white webbing ever the red portions should be visible to the live audience with out being too over the top. Mary Jane(Jennifer Damiano) remains the attractive red head.

Last September director Julie Taymor said to MTV News the play would feature a Sinister Six of their own. Along with the changing of Sinister Six roster there will be many rewrites of character’s origins. While she has musical directorial experience with Across the Universe and elaborate costume experience with the Lion King on Broadway, if this is what we are looking forward to from the villains I may just watch Marvel Super Hero Squad instead. And be just as frightened by their villains.

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