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Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions

Comic Booked 09/04/2010 Reviews

So this month on September 7th Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions from Activision hits gamers consoles for some web-swinging action. Both gamers and comic book fans are looking forward to what is expected to be one of the best Spidey games ever.

To be honest there is already so much out there on the net with regard to Shattered Dimensions that we hope the game is not over hyped by this point But from the trailers like the one here:

 Shattered Dimensions has you playing Spidey as our traditional red and blue wall crawler, Spider-Man Noir cira 1930s, Spidey 2099, and Ultimate Spidey with symboite alien costume to help kick-ass. Along with some of Spider-Man’s greatest villains like Kraven, Green Goblin, and Deadpool, this game promises hours of action packed game play.   Overall its Spider-Man in all his incarnations, with great graphics and story line, and the old Web-Head kicking ass. Nuff Said!  Go Buy!!!

For more info visit the shattered dimensions home page here for more action packed previews.

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