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Comic Booked 09/04/2010 Reviews

It’s Spider-man month here at Comicbooked! Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting a few articles about my favorite Spider-man stories. Weddings in Comics are usually known for their dramatic elements: kidnapped brides and grooms, villains crashing the ceremony, deaths,and other dramatic developments.

For Peter an Mary Jane it is their inner emotional landscape that challenges their romantic future. Peter has experienced great love and loss in his life. When he begins to truly realise how important MJ is in his life his thoughts naturally turn to marriage.  He rushes to MJ with nothing but a bag of M&M’s and an urgent need  to propose.

Poor Peter :( of course she says no!

In true MJ style she runs. For the next two issues we follow Mary Jane as she goes to visit her sister and examine her own familial and romantic past. Finding her sister in a perilous situation Mary Jane finds the courage to ask Peter for help. These issues really reflect how good these two are for each other. Mary Jane has had a string of rich boyfriends and superficial relationships. Peter is the only man to break through this pattern. 

 For Peter Mj’s strength and independence allow him to continue his job as Spider-man.

Their willingness to grow up and desire to experience a true adult relationship leads to  the Altar:

I really enjoyed their wedding issue. Despite an early Electro fight the couple prepare for their big day without any Spider-Man related interruptions.

It was interesting to see the influx of men trying to woo MJ away while Peter struggles with worries about the couples financial situation. Their is a little tension as Peter contemplates his  past with Gwen and Mj allows herself to be whisked off by a former flame, but their love prevails.

I always enjoyed the marriage of Peter and MJ  it  had a realistic portrayal of a true relationship with all its ups and downs. Things have changed for the couple in the current continuity, but I’ll address my thoughts on that later :)

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