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Spider-Island: Spider-Girl and Amazing Spider-Man!

Skott Jimenez 09/21/2011 Reviews

The Spider-Event of the decades continues!

In SPIDER-ISLAND: SPIDER-GIRL #2 of 3, Spider-Girl is forced to make a decision: go it alone against the Wasps, who have begun killing each and every spider-infected person they can, OR take the advice of Madame Web and join forces with her enemies to defeat the Wasps.

Not an easy decision when your enemies are the insane Hobgoblin and the Kingpin! But, when Madame Web says something, it’s best to listen to her. So, after trying to get some help from the other heroes in New York, she finally gives in and teams up with Hobgoblin, who is quite insane, as I’ve said before. Though his insanity seems more pronounced while in costume, he does come in handy. Spider-Island
After Spider-Girl shows up and resigns herself to teaming up with this nut job, he lets her in on what he’s discovered: the Wasps have a leader. It’s called the All-Mother, and he knows where it it.
Spider-Girl figures they need a plan and Hobby says he’s got one called ‘Playtime!’ which is little more than jumping right into a fight with the All-Mother and her swarm.

Needless to say, it doesn’t go to well and, if not for the timely interruption of Kingpin, this would have been a 2 issue mini-series instead of 3.  Once the combatants back off, the All-Mother explains, in her way, that the Wasps feel that the Infestation has created more Spiders, which are the enemies of the Wasps. They are simply reacting as any group would when their enemies begin to gather. They are trying to maintain their empire by taking out the enemy by creating a venom that will kill any spider very quickly. So, this issue then comes to a close with Spider-Girl officially teaming with Kingpin which should make the next issue very interesting!

Again, as with the first issue, this story is making this new Spider-Girl out to be a very interesting character. I don’t think she can support an ongoing series but she could certainly do well in a mini-series or two at the most or in back-ups in Amazing Spider-Man. Paul Tobin has done a great job making a character I’ve all but ignored into someone I would be interested in reading more of! Plus, the art of Pepe Larraz adds just the right touch to this book. I have to admit that I’ve never heard the name before, but it’s one I’ll be looking for in the future!

Speaking of Spider-Man, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #669 gives up Spider-Island, Part 3!  Things are happening fast in this issue. A cure has been found for the infestation but it’s too little too late as the cure only works for the early stages of the infection. Early stages? Yes! There’s more to this than we’ve seen! Spider-Powers are only the first part of the plan. We learn what the next stage is when Spider-Man and Carlie face off against a six-armed Shocker! It seems that the next stage is physical mutation. Not only does Shocker have extra arms but his face has changed, it’s very bug like. Before Spider-Man can fully react, Carlie begins to mutate!

Spider-IslandIn other parts of the city, Anti-Venom is doing his best to cure those near him, but he’s easily overwhelmed. The people with powers who don’t want to lose them try to take him out. I’m sure they will be begging for him to help them when they enter the next stage! Madame Web is overwhelmed by the high number of Spiders in existence now, so I have to wonder how this will affect her in the long run.

Finally, the mystery woman is revealed! Spider-Queen is the mind behind the whole Spider-Island Infestation! Now, I know many people will feel this is a let down but this actually makes this story more exciting to me. I don’t know a thing about this character which, to me, makes her a while card – one that has the ability to put an idea like this in the mind of the Jackal and take over New York City by turning everyone into Spiders. It’s much better than having yet another story with the same old villains that are predictable. Spider-Queen is mostly an unknown commodity, that keeps it interesting.

My hat goes off to Dan Slott for using a very obscure character and making her a threat. As for Humberto Ramos’ art, well, what can I say that hasn’t been said already? Well, with this issue, he seems to have hit his full stride with this book. It looks fantastic and I can’t wait for the next issue!

So, including ASM #666 in July, this puts us into the third month of this event and I have yet to lose any excitement over this. With the introduction of Spider-Queen, it just takes the story into more unknown territory and I like that!

For more on this specific issue of Amazing Spider-Man, check out Seth Jacob’s review RIGHT HERE!


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