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Spider-Island: Spider-Girl #1 and Venom #6

Skott Jimenez 08/22/2011 Reviews

Spider-Island continues this week with two new stories! Let’s just jump into it and see if the story has lost any momentum! If you missed last week’s releases check out coverage of them right HERE

Writer Paul Tobin teams with artist Pepe Larraz bring Spider-Girl into the fray as the Spider-Infection spreads and her school gets closed early. As she leaves school with her friend and roommate I thought it was interesting that Anya is pretty open with her roommate about her being Spider-Girl. This works out really well since as they are walking from their school they areSpider-Island attacked by members of The Society Of The Wasp.
What is The Society Of The Wasp? I’m not really sure but they look like wasps and have a lot of hate for Spiders. They are tearing through the city killing as many of the Infected as they can but Anya holds a special interest since she is one of the ‘True Spiders’ which is what people more directly related to Spider-Man are referred to as.

So, as all hell is breaking loose and Anya dons her Spider-Girl costume and tries to stop the Wasps from killing innocent people who now have spider powers she runs into The Hand, ninja assassins and generally not good people. This is where the books goes all pear shaped. The Hand is actually there to help her not harm her and, the next big shocker, is the appearance of the Hobgoblin who also helps her then takes to to his boss, The Kingpin who wants her to work for him to, I assume, save his city.

So, there’s a lot going on in this issue and how Tobin plans to resolve all these things over the next two issues really interests me. As far as this issue goes, however, I have to admit, I had no interest in this book at first but after reading last weeks Cloak & Dagger I realized these books are actually very exciting and the most fun I’ve had with an event in a very, very long time.
Paul Tobin has made this version of Spider-Girl very interesting and, for people like me who never followed her before, was able to explain everything I needed to know about her in the first few pages. I want to thank Tobin for making this character interesting to me.
So, as far as the Spider-Island titles, this is another win and one I would recommend to people following Marvel’s ONLY event of the summer.

For more on this story, check out Michael Worth’s Bullet Review on this same title!

VenomThis issue is fun but not really necessary to read if you just want the main Spider-Island books. It does, however, show some of the scope of the Infestation from an outside perspective. As Venom, Flash Thompson is sent to capture one of the monsters running around and, after a very entertaining ‘Team-Up’ with Gravity, does his job and bags a monster.
Back at the lab/headquarters things get very bad very fast as the monster is little more than a ‘spore sac’ creating for little more than to spread the Infestation beyond the Island of Manhattan. Instead, it unleashes its cargo, which ends up being countless spiders carrying the virus and everyone tries their best to get out of the lab and try to stop this from spreading further.
Flash leaves without the Symbiote but that doesn’t keep it from saving him (I won’t give the how away here though) and once the situation is contained  the monster is recaptured and not killed because of a shocking discovery: The monster is apparently Steve Rogers!
This is a new twist for me because I didn’t know these mutations would go this far. There was no way to tell that this thing was Captain America… or is it? This is what makes this story so interesting to me: there are some actual mysteries here and we are having to figure things out as best we can while working through the story.

As I said before, if you want to read this you can but it isn’t as directly involved with the Spider-Island event as the other books are. It’s fun, action packed and it more of an ‘outside looking in’ story. It will be interesting to see how the symbiote will react when/if it ends up fighting alongside Spider-Man!


Spider-Island is well underway and, so far, is only picking up steam and is putting that other Marvel event to shame. I’m okay with this, though, and I’ll say again that this story should have been the big summer event instead of Spider-Island.
There is plenty more to come including something involving the Scarlet Spider!


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