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Spider-Island: I Love NYC and The Avengers!

Skott Jimenez 09/10/2011 ZDONOTUSE

Yes, there are other things going on in comics besides 52 new first issues (all being reviewed right here, on ComicBooked.Com!). While those are all going great, Marvel has something going as well. No, not Fear Itself, Spider-Island! Everyone in New York now has Spider-Powers! Many have taken to crime while others are trying to maintain the peace…

I LOVE NEW YORK CITY seems a little pointless but it’s fun nonetheless. We have four stories by different creative teams focusing on the impact of Spider-Island on four groups of people.Spider-Island
First up, Greg Rucka and Max Fiumara tell a tale of Tingling. Four thugs dressed as Spider-Man rob a bank, killing many people in the process. Suddenly, for no apparent reason, they begin to feel strange, almost sick. They are soon given a full explanation as to what Spider-Sense is when The Punisher shows up and puts a bullet in each of him. He walks away saying “It’s called Spider-Sense. Idiots.” If they knew that they might still be alive…
Kelly Sue DeConnick and Chuck BB tell take on Spider-Mom and her efforts to get a step ahead in life while dealing with keeping her kids safe while her hubby is away.
Joe Caramagna and Maw Fiumara join forces to spin Charlotte’s Webs. A few criminals take advantage of the madness distracting the heroes attention and attempt to rob a family of their possessions. They soon come face to face with a webslinger who gives them a run for their money and leave them hanging. And the webslinger, six year old Charlotte, gets a lesson in Great Power coming with Great Responsibility.

Finally, Skottie Young and Dave Guertin & Greg Baldwin of Creaturebox get cat scratch fever with 9 Lives! What begins as a dream of a webslinging feline fighting the evil Venom Pigeon, ends up being something much more innocent…or does it?

This was a very fun one-shot. A little pointless, yes, but it does serve a purpose. To often these in title events only focus on the big story. Since Spider-Island is about ALL of New York, it only makes sense to actually tell some of those stories. It really goes a long way to flesh this whole thing out. I’ve been disappointed after buying some of these type of tie-in one-shots before but this time, I’m glad I bought it. It’s a lot of fun and I’m glad the webslinging cat on the cover was explained!

Spider-IslandIn New York, when trouble comes a-knockin’ one of the first teams to answer the door is THE AVENGERS. In this one-shot we have Hawkeye, who really hates having Spider-Powers, Ms. Marvel and Jessica Jones as they try to get a handle on things. Unfortunately, they don’t have time to adjust to things as Flag Smasher and his Ultimatum (which actually stands for something) show up, naturally, with Spider-Powers and try to use them to take out the U.N.!
The three Avengers are vastly outnumbered but, have no fear, the legendary(?) Frog-Man (a fat guy in a frog suit) shows up to lend a hand!  After so much serious handling of the Spider-Island concept, it was nice to have some fun with it. Hawkeye simply cannot get things to NOT stick to him and just hates the whole idea of having Spider-Powers, Jessica Jones has a lot of fun teasing him while he just gets more and more annoyed that everything seems to be sticking to him.  Frog-Man and Ms. Marvel join in and it all comes down to Frog-Man stopping Flag Smasher with his unofficial super power.  He throws up on him.  There is nothing more to say about this. It was fun though and I don’t recall a ‘character being vomited on’ scene being so entertaining since Hitman threw up on Batman.

This was a fine interlude week for Spider-Island, a chance to kick back, see more of what’s going on and have some old school fun. As much as I liked it, though, I’m eager to get back to business!


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  1. Andy Kirby 09/11/2011 at 5:42 pm

    I have to agree…"I Love New York" seemed pretty pointless. I hope it isn't considered canon.

    • Skott of Fables 09/12/2011 at 12:10 am

      The Spider-Cat story was a fun change of pace. It's a weird book in that it was pointless at the same time it served a purpose. Honestly, though, these stories were short enough that they could have easily been back up stories in Amazing or any of the miniseries.

    • Adrian Cornwall 10/11/2011 at 12:18 pm

      I dont see anything wrong with it being canon. It doesn't mess with any of the canon's, since the only major player seen in I Love New York was the Punisher, and iirc he wasn't at that big Spiderman Melee that had happened around the same time. It may have been pointless to the main story, but it helps to flesh out the universe a bit more and remind us that there's more going on beyond Spiderman and co.'s shenanigans.

  2. R. B. LeMoyne 09/11/2011 at 8:14 pm

    Which came first, the Spider-Cat on YouTube or the one in this comic?

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