My life seems to revolve around comic books. I bought shelves because they were the perfect size for the half boxes I store my comic books in. Every Wednesday I am either at my LCS or wishing I was. I take $50 a week to spend on new books but try to spend no more than $25. At this time last year a bunch of graded 9.8 copies of the New Mutants became available. I spent vigorously on these books averaging $65 a book for a Universal Blue Label and an average of $90 a book on Signature Series labels. The same series (raw) could be purchased at any convention, in its entirety, for less than what I spent on a graded copy of New Mutants #98 Signature Series 9.8 (not including #87 or the aforementioned #98).

I acquired 3rd place rather quickly when I started this series. I took over the second place standing after I approached the second place holder to purchase some of the books he owned. At the time those books he had that I needed were not available anywhere else.

My original allotted amount of spending no more than $45 a book was created from the purchase price of New Mutants #1 in a Universal 9.8 with white pages. Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide’s 41st edition has this same book listed at $6 in a raw 9.2.  Recently this average was shattered when I diligently attempted to complete my collection. Of course adding signatures to the books that I already had or buying some SS labels outright increased what I spent on a book.  I bought issues #87 and #98 combined for $550, both in a signature series 9.8 with white pages.  Even my New Mutants #1 in a 9.9 with White Pages reached a bidding price of $298. Yes! I won.

The New Mutants series has 109 books in its set. They include the Marvel Graphic Novel #4, Issues 1-100, annuals 1-7, and the Special Edition. I have 105 out of 109 in a 9.8 or higher. My Graphic Novel is a Signature Series 9.4 and I am having trouble finding someone who wants to sell a 9.8 copy. Two out of the other three (#58 and Annual #4) that I currently need do not exist in a 9.8, and the fourth one (#54) I crave has two available, both of which are happily in someone’s collection.

In my youth I REFUSED to purchase books when I thought the price was too high, yet spent much more as an adult on books just to say I own it. CGC has helped change my outlook on trying to acquire the best book possible, in this case searching for the illustrious 9.8. Also spending a few hundred dollars on comic books helps put things in perspective to buy other things, like clothes for my vacation.

This post will be my last post before I go away. The next three posts will be available on my designated days. And yes on Wednesday as I am cruising through the Caribbean I will wish to be at my comic book shop… for a few moments anyway.


Thanks for reading.