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Sneak Peek Preview: “Between Heaven & Hellboy” Art Exhibit

Comic Booked Guest Writer 07/12/2012 ZDONOTUSE

A few months ago I was at a live painting event and one of my artist friends, Xaiver Lopez Jr., brought up the idea of putting on a comic book character themed art exhibit. I (of course) thought that this was a brilliant concept, and accepted his offer to take part and help as this idea came to fruition. Like almost every urban hub, Seattle has a very talented and thriving art scene. What could be better than bringing together some of these amazing artists to pay homage to comic book superheroes and villains in one art event extravaganza?

Between Heaven and Hellboy poster (art by Augie Pagan)“Between Heaven and Hellboy” promo poster (art by Augie Pagan)

 Soon the call went out for artists, sponsorship, promotional fliers—the hundreds of little details that go into putting together such an event. Xaiver Lopez, David Champeau, and Zachary Sofia got to work diligently curating the show and attending to these details. Before long, around 100 artists had offered to contribute the show. Local comic book shops (Zanadu Comics, Fantagraphics Bookstore, and Dream Strands), art supply stores and printers (Utrecht and United Reprographics), and business of all kinds (Calamity Jane’s, Boldman Creative Group, and many others) generously offered their support. Comic book websites, including us here at were also on board. An official Facebook event page was established. Promotional cards and posters were created. News of the event was covered by the Seattle P.I. and on Nancy Guppy Weekend Zone. A discussion thread even popped up in the forums of CBR. The kind folks at GeekGirlCon were even nice enough to list the event. I was honored by an offer to be a guest judge, alongside Larry Reid from the Fantagraphics Bookstore, and Greg Lundgren of Vital 5 Productions.

Between Heaven and Hellboy promo cards

The exhibit has come together in a big way, and opens this Friday, July 13th at Urban Light Studios. SO many artists have contributed absolutely amazing work. Since a picture is almost always worth a thousand words, it is my pleasure to offer you the following sneak peek preview of but a few pieces of art you can expect to see at “Between Heaven and Hellboy: Alternative Artists Take on Comics, Superheroes, and Super-Villains.”

 Here Kitty... by Siolo Thompson “Here Kitty…” by Siolo Thompson

NightCrawler collaboration by Carl Faulkner and EGONightCrawler collaboration by Carl Faulkner and EGO

Cave Hunter by Xaiver Lopez Jr.“Cave Hunter” by Aaron Winnenberg

Punisher: Deadwar by Seth Grym“Punisher: Deadwar” by Seth Grym

Robin - He Loves Me Not by Christopher J. Olson“Robin – He Loves Me Not” by Christopher J. Olson

She-Hulk by Hillary GoreShe-Hulk by Hillary Gore

Heath Ledger as the Joker by Marcus Cus WilliamsHeath Ledger as the Joker by Marcus Cus Williams

Pretty amazing stuff, and that is just a small sampling of what we have in store! Come join us at Urban Light Studios on Friday, July 13th from 6pm-close for the opening of “Between Heaven and Hellboy: Underground, Alternative and Urban Artists Take on Comics, Superheroes and Super-villains.”Join approximately 100 of the best and brightest in Seattle’s underground art scene as we celebrate four-color fantasy with art, music, drinks, a Rex Velvet burlesque act (performed by Morgue Ann from, and other special surprises! We will have raffles and prizes to give away to the public as well. Please join us—especially if you can’t make it to the San Diego Comic-Con and live in the area, as you won’t want to miss this. Admission is free. We hope to see you there!

The stellar and extensive line up of contributing artists includes:

Aaron Winnenberg, Adric Hicks, Alexandria, Sandlin, Andrew Miller, Angelina Villalobos, Ann Blakesley, Augie Pagan, Braden Duncan, Brandon “Narboo” Baker,13fngrs, Carl Faulkner, Carlos Aguilar, Chani Murat, Chris Cook, Christopher J. Olson, Chris Sheridan, Crystal Barbre, Courtney Putnam, Curtis Ashby, “Cus”, Damon Conklin, Dave “Starheadboy” Bloomfield, Debora Scott, Don DeLeva, S.L. Grice, Ego, George Long, George Jennings, Hera Won, Hillary Gore, Jamie R. Stone, Jeff Mihalyo, Jeff Taylor, Jeremiah “dear earthling” Hammer, Jesse Link, Jenny Dayton, Joe Nix, Joe Vollan, Jonathan Wakuda Fischer, J.P. Farquar, Justin Hillgrove, Justin Kane Elder, Kaja Foglio, Kevin “Sensei23” Sullivan, Kyle Abernethy, Levi Hastings, Maj Askew, Margaret Organ-Kean, Mark Tracy, Mark Walker, Marty Gordon, Matthew Lewis, Maxx, Maya Uemoto, Micheal Leone, Mike Capp, Morgue Anne, Neil P. Doherty, Patrick Duffy De Armas, Phil Foglio, Photocoyote, Reed Carpenter, Rob Ripley, Ronnie Taylor, Ryan “Henry” Ward, Scot Porter, Siolo Thompson, Solace Wonder, Tessa Huls, tnglr, Urban Soule, Uwe Arendt, Xavier Lopez Jr. and more!

Urban Light Studios, the Greenwood Collective and the Echo Echo Gallery is located at 8537 Greenwood Avenue North, in Seattle, WA 98103. Click here if you need a map or directions.

A massive THANK YOU to all of the artists, sponsors, and people who have worked so hard to help put this event together.

Check back in here at for pictures and event coverage, along with reviews and news about comics, movies, gaming, and all of the exciting developments coming out of SDCC.

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