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Sneak Peak: Action Comics #3

Comic Booked Guest Writer 10/27/2011 Reviews

Loving Grant Morrison‘s new Superman? Well then we have a treat for you. This morning DC released a preview of next week’s Action Comics #3, and a new origin is coming. The cover shown here is done by Gene Ha, and as you can see we finally get to see the new DCnU’s Krypton. DC provided the preview to Entertainment Weekly, and you can jump over there to view the first six pages.

From the looks of things Morrison is going in an entirely new direction with Krypton’s destruction. The story of Krypton’s destruction has been told many times over the years, and recently the idea of a cataclysmic boom has been downplayed in favor of a slower, more self-destructive Krypton. Ideas of a civil war turned clone war have created a darker view of the planet. Furthermore, there has always been this theme of Kal-El being the last survivor of Krypton, watching his planet die as he speeds towards Earth. Morrison seems to be taking this in a different direction, instead tying Kal-El’s tragedy into the fate of Kandor. Kandor’s highjacking by Braniac has always been a separate event, taking place prior to Krypton’s destruction and not involving Kal-El directly. This preview seems to have a warrior Jor-El and sabertoothed version of Krypto discovering Braniac’s plot and attempting to prevent the coming destruction while Lara and Kal-El try to escape to safety.

Something else that has changed over time has been the portrayal of Jor-El, ranging from a leader and respected member of Kryptonian community to more of an acknowledged genius who is perceived as a borderline crack-pot loon. Morrison seems to be staying in line with this to some extent, portraying Jor-El’s warning like something out of the Boy Who Cried Wolf. It will be interesting to find out how much of Jor-El and Lara we really get to see. I have always been a fan of Superman’s parents, both human and Kryptonian, often finding their stories some of the most compelling in the Superman mythos. Dealing with the destruction of a planet, dealing with the birth and loss of a child, and raising a pseudo-god make for great drama. As a matter of fact, since the reboot, I have repeatedly said that the portrayal of Clark as a disassociated alien rather than a city adjusting farm boy has been a disappointment and assault on Jonathan and Martha. Remember, it is Martha and Jonathan that help Clark feel human and identify with Earth long before he is even aware of his Kryptonian history or dons the cape.

I have been skeptical of some of the personality and history changes Morrison is making, but I will say that the new Superman is compelling, and for once I am reading his books not knowing what he will say or do. If prior history is any indication, Morrison has a plan and we will not really begin to know all the truths of our new Clark for some time. Let us know what you think in the comments, or click over to our forums to join the discussion!

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  1. The Nerd 10/27/2011 at 10:42 am

    I really haven't followed Superman much outside the pages of Justice League, but I am digging this new Superman a lot.

  2. Eric Scroggs 10/28/2011 at 2:38 am

    Is that really Krypto on the cover? If it is, that's kind of depressing. I miss the old Krypto. :-( Still, I'm looking forward to what Morrison has in store.

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