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Smallville season 11 Comic Book Series

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Smallville fans have something to cheer about again! We were all left with a feeling of unfulfillment and unanswered questions when critically acclaimed Smallville ended after a 10-year run on the CW. Well cry no more Smallville fans; it’s all about to change with this upcoming digital comic book series from DC Entertainment: SMALLVILLE SEASON 11. The series will be written by former Smallville show writer Bryan Q. Miller, other creators include print cover artist Gary Frank, digital cover artist Cat Staggs and interiors by Pere Perez. The series will continue where the show ended with season 10, and will have new digital chapters released weekly thereafter.  Insert fan girl scream here! I am personally very excited to see this series continue, a 10-year investment into a character like this does not die very easily; Tom Welling has become Superman to many. Along with other characters who have found a place in our hearts, that too will be returning in this series; Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, Chloe Sullivan-Queen, Lois Lane, Lex Luthor and General Lane.

Smallville Fans Rejoice! New Comic Book Series, SMALLVILLE SEASON 11, to Pick Up Where Show Left Off

Fans of the smash-hit TV series Smallville haven’t had much to cheer about since the show ended its critically acclaimed 10-year run on The CW last May.  That’s all going to change with the upcoming new comic book series from DC Entertainment: SMALLVILLE SEASON 11.  Written by former Smallville show scribe Bryan Q. Miller, the new digital first series will be published digitally on April 13, 2012, with new digital chapters released weekly thereafter.  Additionally, the online chapters will be offered in a print periodical, along with an episode guide to the hit television series, with the first print issue released on May 16.

The new comic book series picks-up where the show left off (with Clark officially now as Superman!) and features other fan-favorite characters including Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, Chloe Sullivan-Queen, Lois Lane, Lex Luthor, and General Lane.  The book features an all-star creative team – in addition to Miller, SMALLVILLE SEASON 11 creators include print cover artist Gary Frank (SUPERMAN SECRET ORIGIN), digital cover artist Cat Staggs and interiors by Pere Perez (BATGIRL).

“Six months after Clark Kent donned the cape and took to the skies to save Earth from Apokolips… enter Season 11!” enthuses Miller.  “New allies abound!  New enemies afoot!  And old friends return where they’re least expected!  Pere and colorist Chris Beckett have done a fantastic job of capturing the look of the show and the players, and Gary and Cat are knocking it out of the park on covers. I couldn’t be more excited to help give seasoned viewers and new readers an all-access pass to Clark’s first year in the cape.”

Smallville has an amazing fan base and I think DC is very smart in wanting to continue this series as a comic. There were so many questions left unanswered and it will be exciting to see in comic form, where these characters go, and with no special effects budget the sky’s the limit this time around. As a fan I want to know if Doomsday comes back for a second go around with Superman, I also want to know what happened to Kara and do we get to see her come back and become Supergirl. How is Conner taken care of post season 10? Most importantly I want to see the very down to earth connections and interactions of Clark Kent and his Superfriends. How do they all react to the Icon he has become? And DC, can we finally see Batman cross over into the Smallville universe? What are you most excited about seeing in this series? Are you worried it might be ruined just like so many other television series turned comics? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and keep checking with Comic Booked for your up to date DC news!

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  1. Suuperman 02/09/2012 at 1:39 pm

    I am SO excited for this. I've been waiting for them to do a season 11 via comic book. It seemed to work for Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I dont know how I feel about it being available digitally only and periodically in physical presumably collected editions. I feel like this is something that belongs on the shelves as well as online. I'd hate for it to fly under the radar like that excellent Batman Arkham City book that's also only available online.

    Oh well I look forward to reading every single issue and catching up with my favorite characters.

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