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Small Press Round-Up – 4/19/12

Raphael Moran 04/19/2012 Reviews

This week has been a flutter of news within the small press comic industry. Viper Comics announced their new printed comic series, Moonstone has some new books coming out this August, and finally a small press company called Comix Tribe is taking some grand steps to get noticed.  




 World War Hack

Written by Ethan Bull | Art by Tsubasa Yozora | Edited by Gwendolyn Borgen

 World War Hack

Inspired by true events, World War Hack tells the story of how the U.S. Government gathers top computer hackers from around the country, under the guise of a competition, to unknowingly help solve a pressing national security crisis. Little does the government realize that eighteen-year-old hacker Wyatt Dyer is both the cause and solution to their crisis.

Retail: $7.95 | 72 pages | ISBN 978-0-9833670-8-6 | Diamond Order Code: MAR121238


Book is available for order from: Diamond Comics Dist., Ingram Books,

and Baker & Taylor.

Check out the exclusive trailer for the new comic below!



Zombies vs Cheerleaders

Moonstone Logo





August ’12 releases-


Zombies vs Cheerleaders Presents:


The Misadventures of Becky and Bob #1 (W) Steven L Frank (A) David Namisato, Danielle Gransaull 32pgs, color, $3.99 Straight from the pages of Zombies vs Cheerleaders! Becky is the plucky and caring cheerleader. Bob is the zombie who doesn’t want to eat brains, he just wants to fit in and have friends. What sort of craziness do they get into? Check it out in this spectacular first issue! One’s hot and the other’s a zombie!


FULL MOON: Phases of the Moon

Story: Paul D. Storrie, CJ Henderson, Earl Mac Rauch

Art: Nathan Stockman, Glen Fernandez Cover: Andy Black

78pgs, PC, $29.99

Full Moon: Phases of the Moon

The only occasion this crazy time-travelling serial killer saga will appear all together in color!

What started with The Spider, Domino Lady, Honey West, Kolchak and others…ends here!

*Plus the unseen final chapter starring Sheena!

*Plus a recently uncovered Buckaroo Banzai part of this tale!

*Plus a never before seen epilogue starring Kolchak, as years later he uncovers the even more startling truth behind the lies!







 Comix Tribe Logo

From Micro-Distrubution to Worldwide, ComixTribe signs deal with Diamond.  


Independent publisher ComixTribe announced today a partnership with Diamond Comics Distributors, Inc. to distribute its creator-owned titles including Scam the Red Ten, and others in development. The upstart publisher had previously made headlines by circumventing the traditional direct market distribution system and still managing to ship thousands of books directly to more than 50 retail partners. The Diamond deal will give the year-old publisher a direct pipeline to virtually every comic shop on the planet. 

This company has a vast array of quality books and this is a great way for them to get their books to a wider audience.   Find out more about about the exciting news for this company here

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