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Sitting on a Plane

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I am in the front row of first class and it is nothing like the show Pan Am. I went through the security check and boarded rather quickly. The sun is rising as other passengers are making their way onto the plane and I am looking out the window with childlike glee. The only comic book I have with me is a copy of New Mutants #15, graded by CGC in a 9.4 with white pages. I did not get to take a picture in the airport with it, besides I have all week to do that.


I have not been in a plane for over fifteen years, even longer than me taking a vacation. In fact the last time was for business. Next to me is a great friend of mine, for who I owe a debt of gratitude. She is a wonderful person and sometimes I feel like she is too good for me. If she knew I was writing this she would probably hit me…and most likely will do so after she reads this. Truth be told, other than my father or son, there is no one else I would rather be going on this trip with.

I have been blessed and cursed my whole life. Although, when it comes to my friends, I have definitely fallen within the blessed beyond belief category. I have known this friend sitting next to me, who is playing “Words with Friends”, for about seventeen years now. Time after time, she wanted to buy me a gift and I always turned her down, primarily due to the fact I cannot repay her. I am like this with many of my other friends, too. Last year I told her I wanted something for Christmas and her disbelief was voiced with “You want a comic book?” That comic book was a copy of New Mutants #17, it was graded a 9.8 with white pages.

I have many favorites in my collection. Lee K got two different books for me, one was graded a 9.8 and the other was slightly off with a 9.6. This dropped to a 9.4 when I had a signature added. Those books have sentimental value because someone relatively unknown to me went through the trouble of getting them. A friendship has ensued after.

Another book that means something is not even in my collection. Someone read my journal about the Action Comic #507 they bought and offered it to me free of charge. I declined. Comic books are a great part of my life. It isn’t just because of the entertainment they provide but by the stories that come from the people that collect them.

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PS. Please excuse the above. I felt like sharing about my vacation and I was very happy the whole time I was away. Please enjoy and look for something fresh for my Pick of the Week which will be changed to Mondays instead of Sundays. Thank you for understanding.

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