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Shadows Fall at Valiant

David Vandervliet 07/25/2012 Reviews

It may have been a Summer of Valiant, but it looks like come November, it will be time for the Shadows Fall.

Shadowman, that is.

Valiant recently released a teaser image of Shadowman, which makes it likely he will be  the next character to return to action for the publisher.  And a tease it is,  all in blacks and grays, the  image is hard to make out, if your screen is angled poorly, or you might need to adjust your screen contrast to see it.

For the uninitiated, Shadowman was Jack Boniface, a New Orleans Jazz musician, who after a nearly being killed, develops a need to go out at night and punish those who do evil.  His powers were magically based and given to him by a Voodoo Queen (who also happened to be his housekeeper.)

Part Batman, part Hulk, he would be compelled to go out when it became dark, and to fight for the weak.  His strength and endurance were increased,  but so is his recklessness.  He is unpredictable.  He is the night.

Of course this is a new Valiant universe, so who knows exactly who this new Shadowman is.

The tease also doesn’t say whether to expect the character to appear in another book, or if he will get his own title right away.  But this tease is a lot like the Ninjak announcement, which leads me to think he will be showing up in one of the existing titles first, before possibly getting his own title sometime in 2013.

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