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SDCC State of the Union Address for the DC Nation

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So SDCC 2010, took place this past weekend. Was I there? No. Did I wish I could be there? Oh by Odin’s beard did I wish I could have been there. But perhaps next year.

On Friday the 23rd between 4:15 and 5:15 a second DC panel took place at SDCC. Below is a rough transcript of some of the questions and answers that took place between citizens of the DC Nation and some of the ongoing talent at DC.  Thought I’d post it here on Comic Booked  since  however cryptic some answers were, the panel  gave   fans some hints as to what’s to come in the following year.

4:15- DC Comics co-publisher Dan DiDio is opening things up, calling this a “revolving panel,” because some folks will be joining in progress.

4:16- So far it’s just Dan DiDio and J. Michael Straczynski, with DiDio joking that JMS is going to have to walk around the panel talking to everyone.

4:17- Here’s something — the Blue Beetle test footage is being shown.

4:17- Some technical difficulties. “It worked fine for Geoff Johns!” a fan said. “Everything works fine for Geoff Johns,” DiDio said with a laugh.

4:18- Here we go.

4:19- It’s about a minute, showing Jaime Reyes asleep in bed, then transforming into Blue Beetle and flying out the window to fight crime.

4:19- More panelists are coming up to the stage — Geoff Johns and Grant Morrison first.

4:20 – Darkseid (well, someone in a Darkseid costume, if you want to get technical) joins the panel and sits next to Morrison.

4:21- “This is an exciting time for us right now,” DiDio said. “We’re celebrating basically 75 years of DC Comics, and also the start of DC Entertainment.”

4:22- JMS pointed out that Morrison and Darkseid have the “same profile.” “Are you my father, Darkseid?” Morrison asked.

4:22- DiDio is polling the crowd on Wonder Woman’s costume change.

4:22- A fan dressed in Wonder Woman’s new costume — jacket and all — joins the stage from the crowd.

4:23- It seemed about split between people who liked the costume and those who didn’t want a change, based on applause.

4:24- “We want to get her out in the DC Universe,” JMS said, responding to a fan about if the “new” Wonder Woman will be fully integrated with the rest of the DCU. “To those of you who are not sure about the costume, give me two issues. I will turn you around.”

4:27- After grabbing a quick cup of water, DC Comics co-publisher joins the panel.

4:27- “When she’s fighting somebody, when that jacket comes off, you know you’re gonna get your ass whipped,” JMS said of Wonder Woman’s new costume.

4:28- A female fan dressed as Green Lantern joins the panel, sitting next to Geoff Johns. JMS, now sitting between the Wonder Woman cosplayer and the female Green Lantern fan, quipped, “I’ve had dreams like this.”

4:29- DiDio asked fans what they liked about Green Lantern lately — comments included Dex-Starr and Guy Gardner becoming a Red Lantern.

4:30- Johns said he wants to do holiday specials, starting with the Larfleeze Christmas Special showing the Orange Lantern looking for Santa Claus. He’s also thinking a Dex-Starr Valentine’s Special, a Saint Walker Happy Birthday Special, and Atrocitus vomiting fireworks on the Fourth of July.

4:31- DiDio now polling the fans on Batman — big applause.

4:33- Morrison repeated some of his jokes about the Joel Schumacher Batsuit from today’s Batman panel, and also the concept of the newly announced Batman Inc. “We’re actually going to see Batman and the Kathy Kane Batwoman,” Morrison said.

4:35- Who’s going to be Robin when Bruce Wayne comes back? Morrison: “In Batman: The Return, you’ll see Bruce Wayne and Damian working together, and how that turns out.”

4:35- Morrison was asked if he’s going to be using Scarface. Morrison said that he likes to use new characters, but perhaps Scarface might be seen in a group setting.

4:36- Now DiDio is polling the audience on Superman.

4:36- The Adult Swim panel is happening next door and we can hear people loudly going wild for it.

4:38- “Sometimes things aren’t fair, and how do you address that? How do you deal with that?” JMS said. “Putting (Superman) in positions where he can’t hit something is important.”

4:38- DiDio turns to the Flash, and asks if there are Wally West fans in the audience?

4:38- There are, a lot.

4:39- A fan says to the panel that he’s upset about Wally being out of the spotlight.

4:39- Now DiDio asks for Barry Allen fans. A lot here, too. A fan says “Barry Allen’s the real Flash.”

4:40- Johns says that the Flash universe can work the same way as the Green Lantern universe. “I would only come back to the Flash if I could expand the universe,” Johns said. “It’s not about contraction.” Johns says he has plans for Wally West, Jay Garrick, Bart Allen, XS, Jesse Quick — basically all the speedsters.

4:41- The Brightest Day teaser is shown on the screen, shown at the bottom of this post.

4:42- “It’s been a lot of fun,” Johns said of writing Brightest Day.

4:42- DiDio asks the fans what they think of Brightest Day and Generation Lost. Some healthy applause.

4:42- Now, audience Q&A.

4:43- First question asks Johns about the “Predator entity” in Green Lantern. Johns said more will be explored in issue #57.

4:44- Johns says the Parallax entity will be in the Green Lantern film.

4:45- Of Batman: Earth One, Johns said he couldn’t compete with what Morrison is doing on Batman, so he’s writing a comic where Batman isn’t very good at being Batman

4:46- As far as a new Who’s Who, DiDio said that there may be one soon, given all the new characters that have been introduced lately.

4:46- Johns: “Grant and I are actually going to do a project together.” Fan: “Any hints?” Johns: “It’ll happen next year. It won’t be small.”

4:48- Status of Warlord? DiDio: “If it’s not going to work with Mike Grell, who created the character, it’s probably time to give the character a rest for a while.”

4:49- Chance of Young Justice reforming? Johns: “We’re doing a new animated series with Young Justice.” DiDio: “We’re also going to start reprinting some Young Justice material, and you’ll see that in October.”

4:50- Of upcoming Brave and the Bold team-ups, JMS said we’ll see the Phantom Stranger and Supergirl, plus Jor-El and Pa Kent. (Not joking, it seems.)

4:52- Morrison was asked how he can tell he hasn’t already been hit with Darkseid’s omega beam, seeing as how he’s sitting next to him. “I don’t know, and I don’t care, if this is one of those awful lives it’s not that bad,” Morrison said. JMS joked that in another life, he was from New Jersey. Morrison then did an approximation of a New Jersey accent, getting big laughs.

4:53- Fan: “What fell through with the Wally West co-feature?” Johns: “We can’t announce anything yet, but we have a lot of Flash materials…” Fan: “I don’t think Wally should suffer.” Johns: “Totally agree. You’ll see some Wally stuff soon, and it won’t be a co-feature.”

4:55- New series from Marc Andreyko any time soon? DiDio: “Not at this time

4:55- With Bruce Wayne coming back, any plans to do anything with the “big seven” Justice League members? Looks like not at the moment, but DiDio said “sounds cool.”

4:57- “What made you literally ground Superman?” JMS: “That’s the best way to interact with ordinary folks.”

4:58- A familiar question from earlier today — “What happened to Cassandra Cain?” A different answer — “You’ll see outside of comics in something I’m working on,” Johns said.

5:00- Here’s something: Johns just announced that next year, DC is doing a second Flash book called Flash: Speed Force, with Wally West and Bart Allen. It’ll also have XS and Jesse Quick.

5:02- Will Weather Wizard get the spotlight soon? Johns: Yes.

5:05- Red Lantern Guy Gardner action figure? Johns: “They’re working on it. You’ll get it soon.”

5:06- Is whomever is collecting entities in Green Lantern a “known character”? Johns: “Maybe.”

5:07- “Will we ever get a Ma Kent and Aunt Harriet Brave and the Bold?” JMS: “No!” Grant: “I will do it.”

5:09- Morrison working on Wonder Woman? “I’d like to do something with that,” Morrison said. “That may come down the line.”

5:10- Any hope for a second Batman Beyond movie? Johns: “We’ve talked about more Batman Beyond stuff outside comics.”

5:11- Why no Wonder Girl in the Young Justice cartoon? Johns: “Because of the story they want to tell with Artemis. We do have plans for Arrowette and Wonder Girl in the future.”

5:14- Fan brought up why Resurrection Man wasn’t in Blackest Night. “You have no idea how many timed editor Eddie Berganza said, ‘Use Resurrection Man,'” Johns said, but he ended up not having room in the story.

5:15- Question on price points — “the reality is that we’re doing everything we can to maintain the price point to the best of our ability,” DiDio said, adding that only a small percentage of their books are more than $2.99 at this point.

5:15- Last question!

5:16- DiDio asked Morrison about Dick Grayson. “He’s the coolest superhero in the DCU, and I love him, that’s why I put a bullet in his brain,” Morrison said. “And you’ll just have to see how it turns out.”

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