News from San Diego Comic-Con is that Peter Panzerfaust, Image Comics’ break-away hit series, is apparently heading to television!  After the success of  The Walking Dead, television studios are looking for the next big comic to bring to television.  At the Image Comics Panel at SDCC, Panzerfaust creator Kurtis Wiebe revealed that he recently signed a deal with BBC for a motion comic, but if the motion comic is a success, then naturally there will be more where that came from.  If you haven’t read Peter Panzerfaust, we highly recommend it and you buy it at our online store here!

Peter Panzerfaust is a World War II drama in which Peter is trapped in Europe and brings together the French to help win the fight. Just based on the premise alone, a period comic like this would make a completely awesome television series. Hopefully things will go well and we’ll soon be seeing Wiebe’s creation on the small screen.