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SDCC: Oni Press Announces Upcoming Projects

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Oni Press, independent publisher of creator-owned comics, announced an exciting list of upcoming projects at SDCC on Friday.  Two new print projects will bring webcomics to the page, while two online projects seek to present comics in a new form.


Double Fine Action ComicsFirst up is a series of collected works from Scott C.’s Double Fine Action Comics. Originally a feature on video game developer Double Fine Productions’ website, Double Fine Action Comics follows the Two-Headed Baby, a knight called Knight, a strongman called Muscleman and a pair of astronauts, Captain and Thompson.  The first offerings, out in April 2013, will reprint the original – and now hard to find – debut volume as well as present a new, second volume.  A third volume, rounding out the remainder of the collection, is set to hit shelves in late 2013.

Diesel SweetiesAlso moving from the screen to the shelf is R. Stevens’ long-running Diesel Sweeties.  With more than twelve years of history behind it, Diesel Sweeties is an icon of the form.  With more than 3,000 comics to choose from, the Diesel Sweeties print collections take a slightly different approach, collected on topic rather than chronologically.  These pixilated comics, full of wry humor and diverse characters, will come to print next summer.

Teased at SDCC with the promise of further details at this October’s New York Comic Con are two new projects headed online.  Jamie S. Rich and Natalie Nourigat’s A Boy & A Girl and Ananth Panagariya and Tessa Stone’s Buzz! are billed not as “online comics” but just comics – a distinction that cuts across publication venue and gets back to the nature of comics themselves.

Exciting news overall from the always-intriguing Oni Press – this creator-owned publisher continues to explore the nature of comics, online and otherwise.

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