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SDCC 2012: Small Press Round-Up

Raphael Moran 07/14/2012 Reviews

SDCC 2012 is almost through, and there’s been a slew of news that was released. With an event of this scale, it’s easy to see how some of the news could slip between the cracks, but here at we pride ourselves on highlighting things that might be a bit off the beaten path. Here are some of the small press Comic-Con news some of you guys might have missed. I hope you enjoyed SDCC 2012!


Simmons Comics Anthology


KISS front man Gene Simmons has always been upfront about his geeky love of comics. No wonder KISS has had so many comics over the years from Marvel, Image and most recently IDW! Gene is at SDCC this weekend promoting the new KISS series, but he also wants to announce a brand new comic venture with Arcana Comics called Simmons Comics Anthology. There are only 200 copies available at Comic-Con, so get yous while supplies last!

USA Today broke the news earlier in the week.  Find out more here.


The classic Japanese comic Cyborg 09 is being adapted by the small press comic company Archaia Publishing.   They’re teaming up with Ishimori Production Inc. to introduce American audiences to the property.

Its all a part of a re-branding of the series in preparation to establish a new fan base for the upcoming movie in development. So what is Cyborg 09 about?    Cyborg 09

Cyborg 009 follows a group of normal people of various backgrounds who are kidnapped by an evil organization named the Black Ghost, which experiments on them and turns them into cyborgs possessing extra-human abilities. Nine rebel against the institution and vow to bring it down.”

Ishinomori created the manga back in 1963 and it continues to this day. There’ve been movies, animes and even a radio drama. Though Ishinomori passed away in 1998, Cyborg 009 is still going strong. Currently being published in Japan is the ongoing manga series Cyborg 009 Conclusion: God’s War, which is the final chapter of Ishimori’s original manga series and is based on original concepts and artwork that he created before his death.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news on this. Check it out here.


Speaking of another comic in development. The indie graphic novel, My Friend Jeffrey Dahmer is being developed into a motion picture. Filmworks producing partners Marc Meyers and Jody Girgenti picked up the rights to the acclaimed and disturbing autobiographical graphic novel by John “Derf” Backderf. Adam Goldworm of Aperture Entertainment will also produce. It was released in March by Abrams Comicarts and followed Dahmer’s life from his childhood through the claiming of his first victim in high school.





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