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SDCC 2012: Revelations from The Walking Dead Comic Panel

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Walking Dead writer and creator Robert Kirkman and artist Charlie Adlard were on hand at San Diego Comic-Con to talk to fans about what we should expect as we move forward with the story. So, it’s been a few days since The Waking Dead #100 came out, and all of those that read it are wondering what’s to come next after the jaw-dropping conclusion. Unfortunately, we did not find out at this panel. But no worries, folks! This panel will answer many of the questions you probably had about the story thus far and perhaps even a few you didn’t know you had!

To kick things off, fans wanted to know whether or not the mysterious Davidson, who was only mentioned by name, would make an appearance somewhere in future issues. Kirkman replied with a simple “no,” before explaining to the audience that he generally wants the ongoing plot to focus on “real life” scenarios. In short, there are no future plans to bring Davidson into the mix along with any other character.

Moving on, the duo were questioned about whether or not there was a specific end in sight for the long running comic. Adlard chimed in and said “we have talked about an ending, but whether we do it in two years, ten years, twenty years, who knows?” Kirkman then added “we love what we’re doing and this is genuinely what we set out to do with our lives. To know I’ll be able to watch Carl grow up on the page if we don’t kill him, I can’t fathom a point when we don’t want to do the comics. We have everything in place, but the plan is to go on for a good long time.”

The humor was in full-swing with the pair when they were asked how they would fare in an actual zombie apocalypse. “I can write the walking deadyou comics. Where are the Cheez-Its?” was Kirkman’s joking reply to a fan who said they would want him in his group.

There seems to be a recurring question that Kirkman gets asked by fans, and that is whether the initial cause of the infection will ever be revealed. “No” Kirkman said, because he feels that any explanation given on the nature of the infection would simply detract from the realism the story has so far been able to maintain. He reiterated by saying that this is a comic where the focus is on the survivors.

As has been touched on previously in the comic, it seems Eugene will be making ammunition for Rick and the other survivors as the need arises. Apparently, Kirkman has been doing extensive research on ammunition production to further add to the sense of realism in the comic.

When briefly asked about how the television show will maintain the shock factor for which the comic has become famous, Adlard said he believes that the show will go further than any other series currently airing. That’s quite a bold statement, but one that comes as little surprise.

Both men alluded to notion that The Saviors will play a pivotal role in the future issues of the comic, potentially matching even the iconic Governor, who notoriously showed us just how brutal a human being can get in a zombie apocalypse.

So there you have it folks. If anything, we learned that things will definitely get grim for Rick’s group as the story continues. Oh, and Adlard shares some of the fans setiments that Dale is missed in both the comics and the show alike.

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