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SDCC 2012: Marvel’s Next Big Thing

Zach Story 07/13/2012 Reviews

Yesterday at SDCC Marvel made some big announcement regarding their upcoming titles. The panel featured a diverse group of Marvel talents, including Axel Alsonso, Sana Amanat, C.B. Cebulski, Marjorie Liu, James Asmus, Daniel Way, Peter David, Jeanine Schaefer, Joe Keatinge, and Neal Adams.

They started with discussion of the upcoming Gambit series by James Asmus and Clay Mann. One lucky fan even got to come up on stage and read the first issue. When later asked about it, she described the book as “really hot and really good!”

Marvel assures fans of Astonishing X-Men that recently married Northstar and Kyle‘s relationship will remain a focal point of their stories.

Arune Singh predicts Matt Fraction and David Aja’s Hawkeye will be the new breakout series of the year.

This year we’ll see Carol Danvers, formerly Ms. Marvel, transition into the role of Captain Marvel in a book that promises to have a little something for men and women of all ages.

Gambit Cover

Despite being slated for cancellation, Marvel assures us that the end of New Mutants won’t be the end for those characters.

Peter David then teased Breaking Points, a five-part story that he promises will wrap up the majority of X-Factor‘s loose plot threads. Says David: “Saying ‘things will never be the same’ is an overused phrase, but it applies here. The team that comes out of X-Factor #245 will not be the one that goes into X-Factor #241. I’m really excited to see the reactions from you guys.”

One of the bigger changes mentioned was Jeff Parker’s Hulk getting renamed She-Hulk.

Joe Keatinge and Rich Elson have a new Avengers film inspired book coming out called Thanos: Son of Titan.

Last but not least, Singh promised more Young Avengers coming soon!

So what are you most excited to hear more about? Stay tuned this year for more information on all of these upcoming events as we learn more!

For more information check out Marvel’s website for a  live blog of this panel and others from SDCC 2012.

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  1. Rob The Wrecker 07/13/2012 at 10:14 am

    Young Avengers!

  2. Skott Jimenez 07/14/2012 at 12:18 pm

    I love how they keep saying this new Thanos story fills in gaps and explains why Thanos is the way he is… ignoring all the stories that have fully fleshed him out already.

    I'll look at it, I love Thanos, and will keep an open mind.

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