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SDCC 2012: IDW’s Transformers Panel

Michael Wirth 07/14/2012 Reviews

Fans of Transformers have had a lot to appreciate over this past year. Now that the travesty that is Michael Bay’s Dark Of The Moon has been cleansed from everyone’s palettes, IDW Publishing has brought forth a couple of well written, and well received, comic book series, More Than Meets the Eye and Robots in Disguise.

BUT IDW isn’t done with the giants robots yet! At San Diego Comic-Con this week, the publisher held a special panel to talk about all of the sweet stuff they have planned for the Transformers comic-verse, and also how it will tie together with the animated series.

News from the Transformers panel at SDCCFirst up, IDW announced that August is Dinobot month! That’s right. The Dinobots will be making their appearance in the pages of the comics! So, how does that affect the titles?  Well, over in More Than Meets the Eye, Grimlock will be making a return. Written by James Roberts and drawn by Alex Milne, the story is said to be “pretty intense” while concentrating on a Decepticon justice decision.

Meanwhile, over in Robots in Disguise, the rest of the Dinobots will appear on Cybertron. John Barber is set to write this story with Andrew Griffith providing pencils.

Even the newly returned Regeneration One is being affected by the Dinobots. Written by Simon Furman and drawn by Andrew Wildman, Grimlock makes a return to Nebulon in the pages of the title. Information was scarce concerning the plot behind the story, but there’s no doubt that it’ll be a good one.

News from the Transformers panel at SDCCIDW went into some detail concerning the Annual issues for 2012. The annuals for each MTMtE and RiD will tie into each through the exploits of Primus, a mysterious character. Along with Primus, the Transformers will discover something unexpected on Cybertron. James Roberts will write MTMtE while art duties will be split by Jimbo Salgado, Emil Cabaltierra and Guido Guidi. Over at RiD, John barber will write the story with Brendan Cahill and Guido Guidi will draw.

Another special project IDW has in store for the Transformers world is a Fall Of Cybertron art book. Created in conjunction with High Moon Studios, the team behind the Fall of Cybbertron video games, and Hasbro, the book will feature a behind the scenes look at the video game. Mark W. Bellomo will write the book.

News from the Transformers panel at SDCCSpeaking of Fall Of Cybertron, a new digital comic will act as a prequel to the game’s story. The eight-part, bi-weekly series, written by John Barber with art by Dheeraj Verma, will begin on August 12.

Fans of Transformers Prime will be happy to about a new series that ties directly into the Transformers Prime animated series. “Rage Of The Dinobots” will focus on the Dinobots and tell the story of their last stand on Cybertron after the Autobots have left. The series will work with the same continuity of the show and the game and will lead into the third season of the show.

If you’re a fan of Transformers then you certainly have a lot to look forward to. Though I never really read much of either series, I may start now that the Dinobots will be making an impact. It seems like there’s a lot of rich history that will flesh out the different aspects of the Transformers verse, but luckily IDW is taking steps to make sure the stories are easily accessible to new readers.

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