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SDCC 2012: DC’s Superman Panel

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One of the highlights of SDCC was the Superman panel held on Friday morning, featuring artist Shane Davis (Superman: Earth One), writers Scott Lobdell (Superman) and Mike Johnson (Supergirl) and editor Matt Idelson. Together, the panel discussed Superboy’s identity as a clone as well as topics such as Superman: Earth One and Supergirl’s new “Fort of Solitude.”

Now that Superboy is has been freed from N.O.W.H.E.R.E. and Harvest, his series will now focus more on his identity as a clone. Fans will thus get to learn more about the significance of cloning on Krypton, and a new tension will begin to develop between him, Superman and Supergirl as the series progresses.

Regarding Superman: Earth One, Scott Lobdell says that there is still some controversy going on in the DC offices about Luthor. Indeed, in the New 52 universe there are several Luthors, though not much more on that was said. The panel also talked about Clark’s relationship with Lois and her intensely mixed feelings about him.


Supergirl’s new “Fort of Solitude” is her attempt to build a bit of Krypton on Earth, according to series co-writer Mike Johnson. It would be a place for her to remember her life on Krypton, a kind of  “sensory deprivation tank.” Johnson also mentioned that issue thirteen would feature an opening story arc centered around the return of Simon Tycho.

Another subject of the panel conversation was the question of whether Superman will become a mentor for Superboy and Supergirl. The panel agreed that that was pretty much out of the question, not only because both Superboy and Supergirl are teenagers but also as a result of the three characters’ vastly different approaches when it comes to problem solving.


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