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SDCC 2012: DC Entertainment – All Access: Original Graphic Novels Panel

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Earlier today, DC Comics held their DC Entertainment – All Access: Original Graphic Novels (OGN) panel at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con. Panel members included Geoff Johns, Anthony Bourdain, Langdon Foss, Joel Rose, Shane Davis, and J. Michael Straczynski. The panel, which walked the audience through each graphic novel, was covered by DC Comics with their “Coveritlive” widget.

The panel started with Get Jiro!, a new graphic novel by Anthony Bourdain, Joel Rose, and Langdon Foss. The OGN follows a sushi chef named Jiro around his city which is controlled by two top chefs named Bob and Rose.Page from Get Jiro! graphic novel Get Jiro!  was born out of “extensive” talks between friends Bourdain and Rose concerning collaborating together on a graphic novel. They both “knew [they] wanted a very precise interpretation of food.” Foss talked about the novel’s “technical accuracy” and how “whimsical” the script was, explaining that he was drawn to “the utter devotion for food culture making people act absurdly.” The audience erupted with applause when they were told Get Jiro! had debuted as number one on the New York Times Best Seller list.

Page from Batman: Earth One graphic novelGeoff Johns was up next to discuss his collaboration with Gary Frank on  the Batman: Earth One graphic novel, hailing Frank as “one of the best” artists in the business. Johns walked the audience through the book, explaining how it shows the “not-so-smooth moves of Batman” in his early days, which Johns said was “very liberating” for him and his team. The novel also explores how Alfred became Bruce’s guardian, and how he was “not sure what to do with Bruce.” Johns ended his time by revealing that Batman: Earth One, Volume 2 will feature The Riddler, and focus on Bruce becoming a detective.

The panel ended with a discussion of Superman: Earth One, Volume 2, with J. Michael Straczynski and Shane Davis explaining that the book portrays Clark Kent creating a life for himself “as a young man out of Smallville.” In Superman: Earth One, Volume One, Clark was a kid who knew about his powers “early on,” but was “afraid and withdrawn.” Volume 2 will show how Clark can “use his powers and not be afraid of them.” They also said that “the perception and world view” of Superman is “portrayed on the cover,” and to watch for more of that theme throughout the book. Straczynski and Davis talked a little about how the Superman: Earth One volumes are “more relatable” to a younger audience because “Clark touches many young fans by breaking down visual stereotypes.” Davis went on to talk about how the villain Parasite is introduced in Volume 2, explaining that readers will get to see Parasite’s “stages of power.” “[Parasite] becomes hungrier and stronger,” Davis continued, “seeking the ultimate power: Superman.” Davis discussed Parasite’s purple coloring and his blisters, revealing that Parasite’s color would be “continuous” through his “stages of growth.” Davis was enthusiastic about how the book balanced “slice-of-life moments” with “action moments.”

The discussion ended after a time of fan questions for the creators. Yesterday during DC’s Superman panel, fans were given a special sneak peek at Superman: Earth One, Volume 2, which was later uploaded to DC’s blog for fans who were not in attendance. The sneak peek contained the following images:

Superman Vol. 2 cover

Superman Sneak Peak #2

DC Comics Sneak Peek #3

DC Sneak Peak #4

Comics Sneak Peek #5


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