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SDCC 2012: Capcom’s Resident Evil 6 Demo

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On Thursday at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con, video game fans were treated to a playable sample of Capcom’s new Resident Evil title, Resident Evil 6. Capcom included three samples for the Comic-Con audience – they could sample playing the Leon, Chris, and Jake campaigns. The gameplay footage is awesome, the graphics are jaw-dropping, and the monsters are just the way we like ’em: crazy. Prepare to face off against tanks, G-virus dinosaurs, giants bosses, and, yes, even zombie football players. We’ve reviewed the footage, and we’ve broken down the samples into short, succinct descriptions below, along with Capcom’s official SDCC 2012 Resident Evil 6 footage for each campaign.

The Leon Campaign Demo

Leon attacked by zombie campus police officerFirst off, just to reiterate: the graphics in Resident Evil 6 are gorgeous (if that word can even be used in a game about killing zombies as violently as possible), as is the gameplay, which is as smooth and fluid as any gamer could possibly ask for. The Leon campaign demo begins with Leon and a female character wandering through a very creepy abandoned university building, shooting zombies that sit silently in the classrooms and pop out at the last moment.  One thing that really stood out about the Leon campaign was the realistically eerie lighting within (and without) the dilapidated university building. It created such a creepy and haunting atmosphere for the gameplay, and it made the moments the zombies jump out that much scarier.

The Chris Campaign Demo

Chris is attacked by some kind of zombie tentacle

The Chris campaign demo was pretty awesome. It started out with the character in what looked like a war-torn city, driving a tank. It’s either snowing, or there has been a nuclear fallout, which adds to the eerie atmosphere. Again, the graphicsare downright stunning, and the realism really makes the game all the more scary because it’s so easy to actually believe you are in the real world. In this campaign, it seems like you are battling some kind of enemy strike force AND zombies, so it’s pretty intense. Luckily, you have a group of soldiers fighting along with you. This demo makes it very clear there are some awesome fighting combos you can use when dealing with zombies, like stealthily breaking their necks from behind or curb-stomping them to death (minus the curb).


The Jake Campaign Demo

Leon, Helena, Jake, and Sherry vs. a giant zombieFinally, the Jake campaign demo seemed to be the most intense. It took place during the night in a dilapidated city, with Jake and a female character having to fight off a bunch of zombies – now armed to the teeth with assault weapons! – and G-virus dinosaurs. The G-virus dinosaurs are freaking awesome and wicked scary. Another added freak-factor are zombies with what appear to be giant centipedes for arms.

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