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SDCC 2012: Big News at Marvel’s The Amazing Spider-Man Panel

Christian Johnson 07/16/2012 Reviews

Last of Marvel’s panels at San Diego Comic-Con came to an end today when they wrapped things up with the Amazing Spider-Man panel. With the 50th anniversary well underway for everyone’s favorite wall-crawling, web-slinging hero Spider-Man, we have the rundown of what’s in store for the popular character in addition to others who are quite known in the Spider-Man universe. On hand to participate in the panel were Captain Marvel writer Kelly Sue DeConnick, Venom writer Cullen Bunn, Space Punisher writer Frank Tieri, and finally Amazing Spider-Man artist Humberto Ramos. Not in attendance, but still able to participate on phone was writer Dan Slott.

Kicking things off, the topic of discussion was of course The Amazing Spider-Man motion picture considering it hit theaters not amazing spider-man 50thtoo long ago. Dan Slott chimed in via cellphone to address the concerns of many of the fans in attendance who brought up the fact that the Lizard being the focus of the current story arc in The Amazing Spider-Man comic is that way in order for the comics and movies to coincide to simply bring new readers. “We are doing a story that just happens to have the Lizard – the star of the major motion picture The Amazing Spider-Man!” Slott said. Continuing on, he mentioned that the story is actually a follow-up to the Lizard story Shed, which was the last time we saw the Lizard and Spidey in action in the comics.

Slott then spoke a little about Spidey’s first ever sidekick, who will make his appearance very soon. “Alpha is everything Peter Parker wished he could have been in high school,” Slott said. This addresses the fact that Alpha is tough and makes decisions rather haltingly which is of course the polar opposite of Peter. Ramos added that he wanted the overall feel for the character to be much like Peter’s when he was first introduced, an everyday kid who has obtained powers. Interestingly enough, Ramos mentioned that Andrew Garfield’s performance in The Amazing Spider-Man is his inspiration for Alpha.

The panel briefly touched on where Flash’s story is heading with Bunn noting that there will be tough choices ahead for the spider-mancharacter as well as a possible change of scenery that will catapult him into various new and exciting directions.  In short, fans of Venom will definitely see more of him in the future. Speaking of Venom, the original host of the symbiote-Eddie Brock will play a larger role in Venom’s ongoing story. Since becoming the new host to Toxin, Eddie will have more than one reason to hate the Venom suit and its current host. It’ll be interesting to see where this takes him.

For those of you wondering what Marvel NOW will mean for Spidey going forward, Singh assured fans that the upcoming Marvel re-launch will greatly affect Spider-Man. Slott added  “this is the biggest thing I’ve ever done to a character in my entire career in comics.”

So that’s it for Amazing Spider-Man panel. Closing things out, all members of the panel promised fans that there will be much more anniversary plans outside of the ones mentioned, so make sure to keep a look eye out for more Spidey goodness as the months go by.

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