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Savage Wolverine #14.Now: X-Perts of the Atom Review

Comic Booked 01/14/2014 ZDONOTUSE

Spoilers for Savage Wolverine #14.Now

What a perfect idea for a Wolverine story. We’re in the 1930’s, during a time I consider to be one of the coolest in his lifespan, when he was running wild, a journeyman adventurer soldier of fortune just makin’ a buck doin’ rough and tumble stuff, as a hard drinkin’, lady lovin’ man’s man. You’ve got him working as part of a bootlegging operation, and in classic Wolverine style doing death defying stunts just to get out of even the simplest of trouble, because he can, and of course you can see even as a bit of a small time crook he’s not some despicable thug. His boss is a family man barely scrapping by, lost his wife, sick kid, the whole nine. As soon as they’re established as friends you know he’s not long for this world, and a rival operation takes him out old fashioned gatling gun style. The bastards even kidnap his healthy daughter, taking her away to what will surely be life of prostitution and sexual servitude. The best part about being friends with Wolverine though, is he’ll always avenge you, and watch out for your kin too.

savage wolverine 14

Honestly, it’s a color by numbers Wolverine tale. Establish him as a badass, give him a reason to want somebody dead, and then set him loose and see where the story takes him. Does that make it any less satisfying? Hell no!

It gets a thumbs up from me. Visually some panels are better than others, but the tone fits the period perfectly, easily making this worth flipping through more than once. Wolverine’s battle damage is especially well done, and ends up being one of the most interesting healing sequences I’ve read in awhile.

I recommend buying it. It’s not blazing new frontiers, but like last issue it’s another classic kind of Wolverine tale, and sadly they don’t tell them like they used to, except here. Also like last issue, I find this format a much better way to delve into Wolverine’s past than trying to scientifically catalogue, categorize and chronologize his whole life from birth to now.

wolverine kills

My Rating: 4.2/5

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