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RYCIPD: Ladies Who Love Comics: Represent!

Comic Booked 08/27/2010 ZDONOTUSE



As fellow comicbooker @notsosilentmike  mentioned, tomorrow is:

 Read Your Comics In Public Day :) I found out about this a few days ago on Twitter. I did a little research and discovered it originated in 2008 by Brian Heater and The Daily Cross Hatch an online comic forum. I’m really excited for this! I also think it would be a great opportunity for all of us  Geek Girls and women comic readers to represent. I separate the two categories because there are many women who read Graphic Novels like Persepolis who might not consider themselves Geeks. I’d also like to invite my fellow Manga fans aka Otaku. So ladies let’s  Represent!

Take a picture of yourself,  with a friend, your kids or with your Geek Guy!

I look forward to see what everyone is reading. I’m reading two books that encompass two sides of my comic personality:

The complete Persepolis an Indie Graphic novel that I’ve heard great things about and Zatanna issue 4 one of my favorite comics.

Mike will be collecting all the photos for Comicbooked and doing a great followup post on Monday :)  @notsosilentmike

you can also make this day a trend by using the hashtag #readcomicsinpublic

To learn more about the event visit

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  1. wolverinept 08/27/2010 at 3:31 pm

    Count me in!!

    Me and the wife will take a pic!

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