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Roman Dirge’s Lenore #4 “Beware the Creepig Creeping” Review

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The universe has a little more happiness in it this week, thanks to the release of Roman Dirge’s Lenore #4 from Titan Magazines.  That’s right, the mad genius of Roman Dirge is once again manifesting itself into the world in the form of new Lenore comics.  Issue #4 is the first installment of a two-issue story titled “Beware the Creepig Creeping.”  See what he did there?  CreePIG!  In the note that Dirge writes to his readers on the final page of this issue, he confesses that the Creepig concept stemmed from a friend’s typo while chatting on Facebook.  Dirge writes:

 “I became obsessed with the notion of doing an entire issue based off of a spelling error.  Apparently I was wrong.  I’m doing TWO issues based off his spelling error.” 

Ah, good stuff.  It just goes to show that you can never tell exactly where inspiration will come from. 

Lenore #4 cover art

As you can likely imagine, this story will indeed involve swine, and the plethora of tasty foodstuffs derived from them.  I am not going to go crazy and breakdown the entire plot here.  This isn’t some convoluted spandex-clad adolescent male power fantasy that requires in-depth analysis.  Lenore is humorous and light-hearted fun.  Suffice to say, the story revolves around the cursed consequences of eating pork wrapped in pork after midnight. 

Lenore #4 art panels

This issue of Lenore made me laugh out loud on multiple occasions (and it wasn’t just from the heady mix of nitrous-oxide that I have pumped into the air supply of my living quarters).  In the first few pages Dirge writes a silly little poem, pokes fun at his own regular plot devices, casually uses the term “douche nozzle,” and just keeps the reader in stitches.  The ramifications from strange porcine curses is just another in a long line of laughs, but gives the whole issue a nice direction and framework on which to hang the irreverent guffaws.

Lenore #4 Creepig page

The artwork in Lenore is fairly basic and straightforward, but I just like the style and think that it works quite well.  This issue includes a pinup centerfold with a holiday theme on one side, and art related to “Beware the Creepig Creeping” on the other.  I really enjoy Roman Dirge’s art (especially so on the pieces that are bigger than just a single panel), and you can tell that he enjoys creating them as they always seem to contain extra effort and skill.  As always, in this issue you will find “Dope-Ass Tattoo Flash,” and Roman Dirge’s very first ever drawing of Lenore is published here for your consideration. 

Getting ready to review this issue, I started to think about what has kept me reading Lenore for all these years.  Sure this is a fun comic; but what is the je ne sais quoi that really makes Lenore work?  I think it is how Roman Dirge has these wild things that amuse him, but he takes the reader aside and whispers in their ear and lets them in on the joke — then everyone can enjoy it together all the more.  I really like this sense of humor and style, and I think you will too.  If you are looking for a fun ride and a few laughs along the way, pick up an issue of Lenore and maybe Dirge will continue putting them out.  Also, be sure to check out his latest art book Taxidermied, and his sweet website  See you back here next time when we learn Lenore’s fate at the hands (actually more like pig’s feet and cutlery) of the Creepig in Lenore #5!

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