I think it is safe to say that we may never see a classic comic book series reach number #100 ever again. At least not if Marvel Comics has anything to say about it. James Robinson talked to USA Today about the upcoming relaunch of the Fantastic Four series. Now, before you say “Wait, didn’t we just do this for Marvel NOW!?” you have to understand that this relaunch will be part of the All New Marvel NOW! See what they did there? I sort of expected it to be called Marvel Later, but I guess that will come… later.

I apologize if I sound a little cynical, but really, do we need a new #1 every year or so? Robinson is looking to infuse something new into the story of the original Marvel Family by tying in some stuff from their early years and showing how the past effects the future. This is sort of the opposite of what we are currently seeing in the X-Men books where the past is just coming to future without really effecting it.

What I hope to do is tie in their past without making it too referential and (touch on) how the past can affect the future,” Robinson says. “While I’m not reinventing the book, I’m certainly adding a side to it we maybe haven’t seen for a while.

Fatanstic Four #1One nice thing about all this is that Robinson intends to bring back long time Thing love interest Alicia Masters, always a favorite of mine. It has been a rough few years for Ben and about time he catch a break. The plans are to bring the FF back from space/time and deal with some more human problems for a little while, relationships, fame, internal strife. Sounds good to me. It seems like a good chance for readers to jump back in and check out this great super team with a new writer and artist. So far, the covers look really cool.


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