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Robert Kirkman Gives Rick Grimes Something To Fear (UPDATED)

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Earlier today Robert Kirkman released the following teaser:

Another glimpse of what’s to come.

The Walking Dead

Check back Monday for another look at what’s in store for Rick and his people.

– Robert Kirkman


I suppose we can say ‘In the tradition of Marvel Comics…’ writer/creator/genius Robert Kirkman has released a teaser for his series The Walking Dead.

Recently Rick Grimes and the leaders of our group of survivors found themselves in the walled up Community trying to make a life for themselves. It hasn’t been without trouble, however, during the ‘No Way Out’ story we lost some companions and Rick’s young son Carl was gravely injured. Since then they have worked on solidifying their area and look towards expanding.

Things were going fairly smoothly, even with the failed attempted coup by one of the less trusting members of the Community, when a man calling himself Jesus appeared with news that changed Rick’s world view entirely: They weren’t the only community set up in the area. Jesus explained to them that there are others and they have open communication and trade lines set to to help each other and themselves.

Rick and his group have found themselves part of ‘A Larger World’, the name of the story that recently began in the series. It has Rick trying to decide if they will join the Larger World or stay on their own. Trust is very much an issue here because in this world if something is too good to be true, it may very well kill you. The Walking Dead is currently covered in our weekly Bullet Reviews column as it shambles towards the historic 100th issue.

So today, on the Skybound website, Robert Kirkman posted a teaser along with a very vague description, which promises more news tomorrow!

After Rick and the other survivors are brought into a larger world, they are given something to fear.

Check back tomorrow for another glimpse of what’s in store for Rick and his people.

– Robert Kirkman

the walking dead


Something to fear? Stay tuned to Comic Booked for updates on The Walking Dead!

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  1. Nick Furious 02/03/2012 at 5:20 pm

    I'm on book 3 now…this comic is kind of disturbing. A lot of really messed up stuff happens

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