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Rob The Wrecker Presents: My 10 Favorite Uncommons From Avacyn Restored!

Rob The Wrecker 05/15/2012 Reviews

With the official release of Avacyn Restored still fresh on everyone’s minds we have all heard a lot recently about the amazing cards in the set. Whether the buzz is about Terminus or Tibalt, Tamiyo or Avacyn herself, we have all heard about the game changing cards this set brought with it. The thing is, all the buzz we hear about tends to revolve around the rares and even more frequently the mythic rares. While rares and mythics are great, they tend to be too expensive to make up the bulk of your deck with the exception of the most serious of players. Sure the rest of us may spurge on a play set of Terminus when giving our standard decks an Avacyn Restored facelift, but what about the rest of the set? All too often we get so caught up in the bells and whistles of the money cards in a new set that we forget about the plethora of useful uncommons! I give you Rob the Wrecker’s favorite uncommons from Avacyn Restored!


Commanders Authority

#10 Commanders Authority is a good way to counter pesky cards like Call to the Grave which make you sacrifice creatures every turn. If a card like that doesn’t happen to show up during the course of that match, it generates lots and lots of little blockers. Regardless of the context this card gets played in, I see it as a wonderful defensive card.


kessig Malcontents

#9 Kessig Malcontents is a great addition to any Human deck. When playing Kessig Malcontents you essentially get two cards for the price of one. You get the creature itself and a burn card because of its ability.


Nearheath Pilgrim

#8 Nearheath Pilgrim
While Nearheath Pilgrim has the ability to give itself and any other creature lifelink. While the pilgrim itself may be nearly useless with lifelink, it can be soul bonded with It That Betrays or some other monstrously large creature.


blessings of nature

#7 Blessings of Nature
This spell is only great because of the new miracle mechanic. Paying five for four plus one plus one counters is a little pricey but with its amazing miracle cost of one this card is well worth it. One mana to turn a measly little 1/1 into a hefty 5/5 is unheard of!


Defy Death

#6 Defy Death
To fit with the theme of the current set, Defy Death most benefits angels and humans. While it may benefit some creature types in particular, it still has the ability to bring some of your bigger threats back later in the game. The high cost is something of a turn off but it usually won’t be needed until you have more then enough mana at your disposal.


Banishing Stroke

#5Banishing Stroke
This is yet another card that benefits greatly from the miracle mechanic. For just one mana you can effectively eliminate a threat from the game by having it placed on the bottom of your opponents deck. Standard seems have many more cards that allow you bring things back from the graveyard then to search your deck so this actually seems more effective in my mind.


ghostly touch

#4Ghostly Touch
As far as uncommons in Avacyn Restored go, Ghostly Touch is the top of the pile for control decks. Allowing you to tap and untap things as you please is a power that rivals gods in this game. Tap your opponents creatures to prevent them from blocking or untap creatures you had attack to free up some blockers.


falkenwrath exterminator

Falkenrath Exterminator

Falkenrath Exterminator is another of those wonderful cards that gets bigger the longer its in play. In addition to getting bigger, it has the option of acting like a burn card, over and over again in a single turn. This creature can end a game in a single turn with enough mana out.


thunderous wrath

#2Thunderous Wrath
Yet another card that benefits nicely from the miracle mechanic is Thunderous Wrath. In fact, that’s the only way it should be used. At a staggering normal cost of 6 mana Thunderous Wrath is almost laughable but for a measly one mana you can use it to do a staggering amount of damage to a foe or their most dangerous creature.


Rain of Thorns

#1Rain of Thorns
This is probably one of the most potent removal cards in standard. While it may not remove creatures it can set your opponents back by removing vital lands, annoying enchantments and artifacts that create tough situations all at once. While it may be expensive to play for one of those reasons, removing two or three of those make it well worth the cost.


Well, there you have it, my favorite uncommons from Avacyn Restored. You may not agree with them or think there are other uncommons that should be on this list and that’s fine. I never said they were the best cards in the set, simply the ones I believe I will enjoy using the most. If you think I overlooked a card, let me know in the comments, I’ll be glad to discuss it with you. Make sure you check out my top 10 list of favorite commons too! As always thanks for reading!

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