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Rick Remender Spotlight at Emerald City Comicon!

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Today at Emerald City Comicon, writer/artist Rick Remender gave fans a chance to ask some of the questions that every fan wants to ask their favorite writers. For those of you unfamiliar with Remender’s work, he is currently writing Venom, Uncanny X-Force and Secret Avengers for Marvel. His past works include creating the Fear Agent character for Dark Horse, worked as an animator on Disney’s Iron Giant, a notable run on Marvel’s Punisher and creating album art for Nofx and 3 Inches of Blood, among others.

Rick Remender

Remender opened his panel at E.C.C.C. with the announcement that Dark Horse’s Fear Agent will be collected into an omnibus and will be available for purchase this coming October. He went on to explain that Fear Agent was the mold he was basing all of his current work at Marvel on. Remender first touched on his work with Marvel by talking about his run on The Punisher. After commenting on what a classic story Frakencastle was, Remender went on to talk about how is work on Punisher helped him figure out the best way to write for Uncanny X-Force. Remender then began to talk about the role that X-Force was going to have on the rest of the Marvel Universe. Remender was quoted as saying “Some of the things that happened in Jason [Aaron’s Wolverine & the X-Men] are going to bounce back into X-Force come issue 26, and some of the things that Kieron Gillan, he took Tablua Rasa and some of that stuff, that’s gonna play a role in AvX‘”. He also hinted at the return of another fan favorite villain: Sabertooth. When asked how hard it was to create new characters, Remender stated that he believes that people don’t actually want to see new characters in Marvel books but would rather see old characters used in new ways. He went on to praise Grant Morrison’s run on New X-Men.

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