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Rex Velvet Interrogates a Superhero in his Latest Video

Seth Jacob 05/23/2012 Reviews

Rex Velvet, the real life “super villain” who has previously announced his hatred of real life “superhero” Phoenix Jones in a few entertaining and well produced YouTube videos, has released yet another video today!

Rex Velvet can be seen in the video interrogating a superhero who has been whisked away to one of Velvet’s bases and restrained to a chair by his masked henchmen.  He calls Phoenix Jones and the real life superheroes, “a flock of half wit cape flingers”, “phonies”,  “silly nerds”, “super psychos”, and he specifically calls Phoenix Jones a “self serving loon”.  Velvet also insinuates that the other members of the Rain City Superhero Movement who criticize Phoenix Jones are “thrown under the bus”.

This video continues Velvet’s trend of releasing videos that are both well produced and humorous, and they betray a sort of tongue in cheek attitude about his vendetta against the Seattle superhero movement and his archnemesis Phoenix Jones.  It seems apparent that Rex Velvet is attempting to highlight the absurdity of Phoenix Jones and the very notion of “real life superheroes” through clever and amusing satire rather than committing actual acts of villainy.

Phoenix Jones and Rex Velvet recently spoke to each other for the first time on the radio, and Jones challenged Velvet to a ten minute debate and a three minute fight.  Phoenix Jones stated that he is challenging Velvet to a physical confrontation in which any weapons are allowed (except firearms), “because that’s what everybody wants”.  Velvet comments on this challenge to a fight in his latest video, saying, “all the creative possibilities on earth to turn to, to promote change and create a positive impact on the community, and you want to duke it out behind the flagpole like a prissy schoolboy?”

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