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Review: Uncanny Avengers #16

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Spoiler review for Uncanny Avengers #16

Exitar the Celestial Executioner is hovering over Earth, now it is time to grab all of the Avengers. Big nitpick of mine is knowing when exactly ALL Avengers teams are brought together. When is something so dire that it needs each branch of the Avengers? Seriously these teams go through hell all the time, I mean Red Skull was going around having people run around murdering mutants, no need for back up on that one? Cyclops and his X-Men beat the Avengers with one guy/girl and they don’t call back up? They call SHIELD? And it doesn’t help that the Avengers show up in pretty much every comic all the time. But this time around it was warranted! There is a giant Celestial Warrior standing over Earth, his boot could crush two continents! Forget calling the Avengers, call every hero that has ever put on a %@$&* uniform and worn a cape!

Uncanny Avengers #16Back to reality, or comic book reality…616 reality at least. The Apocalypse Twins have set things in motion to destroy Earth. The Twins have one upped Kang and took out Wolverine, Rogue, Wanda, Wonder Man, and Havok. All we have left it Thor, Cap, and Wasp. The only three Uncanny Avengers that are left alive. As much as I would ADORE if they killed off Wolverine he has like 15 on-going titles not to mention one shots and mini series and it won’t happen. Still, I find myself addicted to this story that is almost like a direct sequel to X-Force, and Remender has a way of writing things in such an epic manner that everything seems stressed and immensely important. Everything is going to work out, and no one will wind up dead, I am well aware of this, but I still can’t help but think, what if they do!? I mean if Havok really died how awesome would that be for the story? Captain America felt Havok was ready to lead and he died!? That would eat Steve Rogers to pieces! That would be like Winter Soldier regret! But I don’t work for Marvel so nothing that great would ever happen, then again, I never thought Cyclops would kill Xavier…

Steve McNiven makes another stunning cover to add to his remarkable resume, and it is a nice bit of foreshadowing as these two really do go at it! Thor and Uriel beat each other senseless! And then we have Cap and Eimin, Captain freaking America versus a Celestial, the son of Apocalypse! And (Spoiler Alert) Cap Wins! This is why this book is the best Avengers book out there, this book has so much maguffin going for it, and it never pitter patters around things, it just goes straight for the jugular. As all this is going on, we have Vision, Stark, and Hank Pym trying to figure out a solution to the Executioner. Seeing as Avengers A.I. is all sorts of awful, it was nice to see Vision and Hank Pym back in a GOOD Avenger title. Even though this was a giant filler book, it was the best kind of filler book, with action galore! And it was so cool seeing Captain Britain again, truly miss Excalibur, one of my all time favorite X teams.

Overall another win for team Marvel as they continue to keep me hooked to the X-Men/Avengers team up title. And to think I almost didn’t grab issue one because I didn’t want to buy another team up title, sure am glad I am careless with money and did it anyways! Nothing comes close to how good Uncanny Avengers is. Period.

5 out of 5 stars

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