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Review: Uncanny Avengers #15

Nick Furious 12/26/2013 ZDONOTUSE

Spoilers! Very few comics have this big of an impact on the Marvel Universe.  If death really doesn’t matter in the Marvel U (or DC for that matter), what is to prevent people from killing characters off left and right? The only thing that we can truly enjoy from a death is how it will affect the other characters.  We the reader know they are always gonna come back. But the writers make the death so gratuitous, that it doesn’t matter that we know they will come back, the characters don’t. And I suppose that is why death in comics still exists. It is the only plausible thing I can put together. Only 15 issues deep and Remender has already killed off multiple characters (supposedly), but is that why Uncanny Avengers #15 was such a great issue? Not even close.

Uncanny Avengers is tasked with showing us “the other side of the Avengers”. The group with friction, and animosity. When you have a team like “New Avengers” it is hard to top the animosity between Black Panther and Namor, but somehow Uncanny Avengers does it. And each issue adds new animosity. These characters can never seem to focus on the task at hand. Captain America struggles to be on a team but not lead that team. It is one of the biggest struggles for Cap.  Making Alex Summers the leader, one of the worst X-Men ever, was probably not the greatest choice by Captain America, but he has to stand by it. Cap is a man of honor and integrity to say the least. So when he finds out multiple members of his team are dead, he has to realize he split the faction and try to fix the problem.

This is some damn good writing from Remender, but Steve McNiven has truly reached his full potential, and this issue proves it. McNiven wasn’t exactly a newbie by any means, but he had yet to truly earn the right to be called “Superstar” along the likes of McGuiness, Yu, Stegman, Cassaday, etc. But he has earned his gold star. His artwork is downright spectacular. The cover art alone, I am not sure Cap has ever looked so beat up…ever! And the the reflection in the shield of the Apocalypse twins is just awesome.

According to the roster for this issue, Wonderman, Wanda, and Rogue are all dead. The advertisement for this issue was Wasp vs. Sentry and it definitely lived up to the hype, even though Thor was definitely more than a little helpful. Face it fanboys Wasp sucks on her own.  She could never take on someone like Sentry by herself.  She doesn’t have anywhere near the intelligence that Hank Pym has, and even Hank Pym vs. Sentry would be a pitiful match up. But the end game wasn’t nearly as lame as I expected. Wasp vs. Sentry was actually pretty awesome. We saw all the mutants all over the world being ripped from whatever area they were in (Cyclops X-Men, Wolverine’s School, Madripoor, etc.). In the end the Celestial Executioner was called and stands over Earth as if he is Galactus. Thor and Wasp go to the one being who can explain what the hell is going on…The Watcher.  But as we know he can only watch.  Or can he? We know from the next Marvel event Watcher may be killed, could this have something to do with it?

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