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Stealth Volume 1 Review

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Stealth Created by William Satterwhite
Script by Robert Jeffrey II
Art by Jamar Logan
Letters by William Satterwhite
Front Cover Art by Jamar Logan
Front Cover Design by Jamar Logan and William Satterwhite
Back/Variant Cover Art Design William Satterwhite
Dedicated to the Memory of Evan Lilly “Classmate, Friend, Hero”

comic book mask

This comic is most certainly a superhero story but with a different sort of superhero. Stealth’s first issue is a textbook introduction to a hero and the city he patrols but as a hero Stealth is somewhat different. Stealth saves people from ruffians like any superhero but that is only the first and most likely part of him, he also has a real life with a real family, and coincidentally a real person’s troubles. The human part of Stealth is what I feel makes him different. His struggles and his human troubles really pull me in and help me feel like Stealth is what is advertised, “A new hero for a new millennium.”

comic book mask

Stealth has some pretty impressive art that seemed to jump right off Saturday morning cartoon screen and onto the pages of the comic book.  I could see this art as a cartoon or movie animation; it’s clear, crisp, and colorful.  Stealth reminds me of Black Panther with his suit and needless to say it looks amazing.  all of the characters are distinct in style and looks and even Stealth himself pulls off his mask for a look at what the hero truly looks like.  The look at Stealth’s face is what helps to make him feel human and relatable.  Logan’s art is wonderful and I see a bright future for his style in comic books.  The fact that he was able to get with a writing crew that allowed his style to flourish is wonderful and I’m glad that he was able successfully bring Stealth to life.


Stealth can be found Here on their website where you can enjoy Stealth as a webcomic or buy it from their store along with other stuff like wallpaper.

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