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Review: Yuri the Gypsy Hunter #1

Jacques Nyemb 12/09/2011 DO NOT USE

Lately I believe I’m becoming a magnet for AMAZING independent comics. Through to the cyber world of Facebook, I was reached by Todd Beistel to review his indie comic, Yuri the Gypsi Hunter. The comic already showed some promise, by having Ohio’s “2011 Packrat Comics Local Independent Comic Winner” branded on the front page. It set a high expectation that it ultimately met when I read the comic.

The Story

Yuri the Gypsy Hunter is a modern day tale concerning an orphan, a band, and lots of teenage angst. At its heart it’s a revenge story. We meet Yuri, discover hisYuri the Gypsy Hunter quirks and imbalances, and follow him on his journey to avenge his parents and figure out just who exactly he is.

Being that Yuri is an orphan and has no family to speak of, he in essence creates his own. He creates the punk band Rayner, and they quickly replace the lack of family in his heart. Against all odds Rayner is extremely talented, and they are able to take their music all over the Midwest. With the help of manager Lance Pettywaite, they may just make it.

Yuri has the very unique ability of being able to alter perception. He can fit in to any situation or circumstance. He can walk into a room, and alter everyone’s perception in the room to think that he is supposed to be there. Think Quantum Leap, but without the leaping and morphing. For all intents and purposes he never physically changes, just alters your perception.

The story begins with an intimidating 42 year old Yuri, foreshadowing an impending battle. On his back are his weapons of choice an ax and a guitar. He slips into a seedy scene and uses his abilities and blends into the environment undetected.  That opener is enough to keep anyone on their seat as the story progresses. We then follow young Yuri, an orphan, as he live his life and unknowingly discovers his power.

Yuri the Gypsi Hunter‘s art absolutely impressed me. The illustration’s details really made the black and white comic stand out. The panels where perfectly laid out and lent itself to the fantastic story.  It allowed me to learn enough about the direction of book, yet hung me on a cliff, wondering what will happen next. Doug Hufford (Plot/Script), Jennifer Beistel (Script/Edits) Todd Beistel (Plot/Art), have a hit on their hands, I hope they follow it up well in the next issues.

Age Rating

This comic is appropriate for teens and adults. There are hints of violence, but nothing a kid hasn’t seen in a PG 13 movie.

Final thoughts

When a comic has revenge, music bands and super powers, what more could you ask for? This ROCKING comic’s amazing illustration and easy to follow story makes it another comic I will be keeping tabs on.

On a side note: The story does continue in the form of a webcomic. Take a moment to check it out! You’l be glad you did!

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