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Comic Booked Guest Writer 10/22/2012 Reviews

“by Adam Cheal” – Winter City #4 is the latest installment from one of the best comic book series’ to come out of Australia and one of the most polished independent titles I have seen. Creator Patrick Purcell has hit another home run with this issue. Comic Booked reviewed issues one through three a while ago, which you can read here. The story starts with another slick news report about the recent spree of murders that have been committed by a mysterious Grim Reaper style killer. For the first time, police are admitting that the murders seem to be linked, and that they are in fact dealing with a serial murderer. The plot then switches to the leaders of a crime syndicate that seem to think that their heads are next on the chopping block. I am not sure what they have done to deserve the retribution coming their way, but given their conversation, they deserve it. We also get treated to another flashback from the mysterious childhood of Sam Winter. The action has moved away from the farm and into the streets where we learn he has been the subject of harassment and bullying. One thing’s for sure, he ain’t gonna take any more crap, and fights back for the first time in his life. I am not sure how he fits into the overall story arc yet, but it looks like it’s going to be fun finding out.

Once again, the artwork in this book by Pablo Verdugo Munoz is simply stunning and would more than hold its own when compared to any of the big publishers. The style is gritty and dark, but still diamond polished to perfection. The characters have a real comic book feel, with slightly exaggerated features and styling, but maintain a great level of realism. The evil characters are easily distinguished from the good guys and each character has a unique look. Panel placements and angles are both varied and interesting. This makes the book a real treat for the eyes and keeps you wanting to turn the next page to see the next great piece of artwork. The coloring by David Aravena Riquelme is superb and adds nice depth and richness to the city backdrop. I really enjoyed the color choices, and they complement the artwork perfectly. The lettering and sound effects are equally good. The text is easy to read and follow while still looking nice on the page. The panels are not too text heavy and the lettering does not interfere with the artwork at all. The whole process has clearly been well thought out and executed.

The one thing I really enjoyed in this issue was the writing by Carl Purcell and Patrick Purcell. The first three issues were slick and cool, but the story is given more time to shine here. The formula was getting very familiar and it was a welcome change of pace to see the story shift in a new direction. Now the book reads as well as it looks. Overall I can find nothing to fault with this series. It is a master class in horror comic book making and should be on the shelf in every comic book shop across the globe. In short, this series is the best thing to come out of Australia since rock band AC/DC! If you haven’t discovered this little gem yet, you can find out all the information you need on their website The best part is, the whole of the first issue can be read for FREE and you can see previews of issues 2, 3 and 4. If that is not worth a visit, I don’t know what is.

Winter City #4
Reviewed by Adam Cheal on
Oct 22.
Outstanding Indie book, a must read!
It is a master class in horror comic book making.
Rating: 9.0

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  1. TheRobbOrr 10/22/2012 at 4:07 pm

    The art looks really good on this. Wicked cover!

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